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1. Insulin, Insulin Resistance and Belly Fat Simplified
2. Burning Feet - What Can You Do About it?
3. 6 Shocking Health Problems Linked to Yeast and Fungus

4. Do you want to take a Supplement that Includes Herbs? - What you should know.


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Insulin, Insulin Resistance and Belly Fat Simplified

What happens inside your body regarding insulin, fat burning and the effects that it can create.

The Information in the Video is Medical Advice for Educations Purposes Only.

Insulin Resistance


urning Feet - What Can You Do About it?

Burning feet is a condition in which feet feel painfully hot. Although it is common for people who are over 50 to complain about burning feet, people of all ages complain of this problem.  Sometimes this burning can be so painful that the person has trouble sleeping and can be a source of continuous pain. 


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6 Shocking Health Problems Linked to Yeast and Fungus

There is a lot of compelling evidence that yeast and fungus play a role in a number of the health problems people face, even if that evidence is not well accepted by the medical community. Regardless, many researchers, scientists, and even doctors accept this and offer hope to sufferers from yeast and fungal infections. 

Often times, people with underlying yeast problems suffer from a broad spectrum of symptoms not easily attributable to one cause; symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, depression or anxiety, difficulty sleeping or stomach problems. This is partially why fungal problems are difficult to diagnose and likely written off by many doctors; the symptoms can be difficult to pinpoint to one cause. 

However, according to researcher and author, Doug Kaufmann, there are more than just an esoteric set of symptoms associated with chronic yeast and fungal problems. 

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Do you want to take a Supplement that Include Herbs? - What you should know.

There are a lot of remedies on the market that includes herbs. Of course, the first thing you should check is the quality of any supplement whether herb or vitamin. Cheaper brands are not necessarily going to give you quality ingredients that will give you results. Here is an article on this Buying Less Expensive Supplements - Is it Worth It?

But on the subject of herbs especially regarding neuropathy, one needs to know the following.

Herbs cannot be taken in some cases with certain medications. You need to check with your pharmacist to see if the herbs and your medications are compatible.  Pharmacists have a database that they can check. 

As an example: There are no clinical trials showing that any herb can help repair the nerve damage that is neuropathy. Nor can it build healthy nerves. They do have some value in increasing blood flow, or calming the body, but not in the actual repair of the nerve which is what causes the neuropathy symptoms. 

There are many products being advertised as helping neuropathy with 4 or 5 different herbs extracts in them. It is questionable whether they have been tested together, and since there are no trials regarding neuropathy, questionable as to whether they will help or not.

A number of herbs taken together often causes stomach problems, such as heart burn.  They can create more problems.

Check out all the herbs in a formula. Remember, this is not like a herb tea, made by boiling the herb leaves, or sprinkled in your salad. These are herb extracts in much more potent amounts then found in nature. 

See a Pharmacists Video on How to take Supplements Safely









To Your Health 


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