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1. Will This Allow the Body to Repair a Tooth?
2. Vitamins, Not Drugs
3. What do I eat now? How to journey to a Healthy Diet
Publication Bias - Medical Research
- A Flaw in Scientific basis of Medicine.


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Will This Allow the Body to Repair a Tooth?

Did you know there’s a new type of dental filling that actually triggers your teeth to repair and regenerate themselves? It’s true. Researchers from Harvard University and the University of Nottingham recently developed a procedure known as stem cell fillings. In essence, it’s a regenerative dental filling that prompts the stem cells inside a person’s own tooth to heal itself. This is a revolutionary dental health discovery that could make the dreaded root canal a dental procedure of the past.


Also in this article is what to eat to heal cavities.


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Regarding Periodontal Disease



Vitamins, not Drugs

Unlike drugs, vitamins provide the body with what it needs to carry out healing processes through it’s own innate wisdom. Whereas drugs can have life-threatening side effects, vitamins only enhance the body’s ability to regenerate and repair itself.

Did you know you actually get a whole new body every seven years because cells are constantly replacing themselves? You have a whole new heart every 120 days, new lungs in 6 months. Why not give your cells high quality building materials so they can carry out the blueprint instructions found in their DNA, make strong replacements for themselves and give you an active healthy strong body.

A body needs the right tools and that can be gotten with proper nutrition.

When a healthy condition exists the bodies systems are in balance and functioning properly.

When imbalance exists, however, symptoms such as allergies, chronic pain, fatigue, headaches, migraines and weight gain can manifest and persist.  Vitamin and mineral supplements allow your body to restore health. Your health improvement program should include whole food supplements, herbs, dietary and lifestyle changes.

What is a Healthy Diet?



How to Journey to a Healthy Diet

What do I Eat Now? -Yvonne L. Salcido

Many times as we begin to climb the ladder of truth and learn about nutrition, the effects of what we put into our mouth can become overwhelming. The standard American diet is so far from the whole foods that nature provides for us. Over and over I hear questions like, what can I eat? How can I live eating natural foods? I couldn't live without____________! Finally when someone truly wants to take responsibility for their health and recognizes the consequences of their actions the question changes to, what do I eat now? Thus, they become proactive.

I am going to give you some ideas that helped me on my journey. First let me say I love to eat, a lot, and it has to taste good. I also have a large family with seven children so I had to start with setting what I call a "politically correct" table. It is possible to make changes and make it fun and delicious and easy.

I first started with exchanging white flour for fresh ground whole wheat. My kids still loved the cookies and hot homemade bread with honey is irresistible. I next substituted 1/2 c. honey for 1 c. of sugar. This works in most recipes. You could also use 1/2 cup of chopped dates. Once in a while I will use 100% pure maple syrup grade C, or agave.  Both of these are also 1/2 of the of sugar amount. These are more processed so I use them more for special occasions. I also started using carob instead of chocolate. By the way, giving up sugar and chocolate got rid of my migraine headaches.

The next change I made was using almond mild, rice milk, or organic soy milk in place of dairy. I began by using ready-made rice milk but now I try to make my own almond milk. Organic soy milk can be used to replace eggs in a recipe; 1T. per. l egg or 1T soy flour and 1T. water. (If the recipe you are using includes baking powder you also double that amount).

I then got rid of beef and went to organic turkey or chicken. I cut down to only twice a week then to once a week. Next I substituted poultry with wild salmon or organic scaled fish once a week. Then I went to once a month. I now eat meat very sparingly (which by definition means hardly ever) I reserve it for winter or times of famine.

Other simple changes are brown rice instead of white, whole oats instead of instant, healthy fats such as olive oil and coconut oil instead of butter or vegetable oils, and sea salt or celtic sea salt in place of regular table salt.

Wherever your diet is now, start with these changes and eat lots of fresh greens, vegetables and fruits. You can make a big impact on improving your health without a lot of effort.

Yvonne Lunt Salcido is a Student Advisor for and a Master Herbalist Graduate of the School of Natural Healing. She is a current student at Utah Valley University majoring in Health and Wellness Education.   

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Publication Bias - Medical Research

Exposure and concerns over medical research is on the rise - and for good reason. Publication Bias - the practice of selectively publishing trial results that serve an agenda - represents a "systematic flaw of the scientific basis of medicine".

To see more go to Publication Bias






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