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1. New Book by Dr. Eric Berg - "Body Type Guide"
What are nutritional deficiencies and what do they do to your health?
3. Neuropathy, why the pain, the tingling and the numbness
4. Physician's find American's Taking Too Much Medication


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New Body Type Guide

Dr. Berg's "The 7 Principles of Fat Burning" has been completely updated to Dr. Berg's New Body Type Guide

This book is NOT about losing weight to get healthy; it’s about getting healthy to lose weight.

Dr. Berg has updated his best-selling book, The 7 Principles of Fat Burning into a New Body Type Guide. With new chapters on powerful new strategies, you’ll get the latest updates on what works. This easy-to-implement plan and a clearer method to tailor-make your eating to your body type!

The New Body Type Guide teaches you how to eat, how to exercise and what nutrients to take – as well as anti-stress techniques to extract all your old body stress.

Read: New Body Type Guide



What are nutritional deficiencies and what do they do to your health? 

A deficiency is basically a nutrient that your body does not have enough of to function properly.  

What if you forgot to put enough oil in your car?   Despite the fact that it was getting the air, gas, functioning spark plugs and good combustion, the car wouldn’t work properly.  Sure the piston would go up and down and the car would move forward – just like normal.  But soon the engine might run a little hot.  Down in the engine different things might start happening.  The rings around the piston that stopped oil from getting up into the combustion area might be giving way.  The normal straight camshaft might start to bend a little.   The engine just won’t work right. Perhaps the car will need a small repair, or maybe a major overhaul – or ignored the engine will just seize up and “die”. 

It’s the same with your body – except that you can’t just buy another engine and repairs made to a damaged body might not put things back together again.

Let’s look at some of the many varied things that can happen when you don’t put the needed nutrients into the body, and wind up with a deficiency.

Gingivitis is created when plague (sticky deposits of bacteria, mucus and food particles) adheres to the teeth, hardens and irritates the gum. The accumulation causes the gums to become infected and swollen. As the gums swell, pockets form between the gums and the teeth and act as a trap for more plague.  Irritated gums bleed and eventually start to recede.

This irritation can be fought by introducing Vitamin C, which fights the formation of plaque.  Now gingivitis, untreated, can progress to periodontal disease, which means loose teeth and false teeth.   Seems like it would be easier just to get enough C.   C would have fought the formation of plaque to begin with.

Does that sound too easy?  Remember in the fast food lifestyle that we live in, we need a Vitamin C to fight the many problems in that lifestyle – processed foods, polluted air, etc.  You need enough so that your gums get enough.  

Vitamin B12 comes from meat, eggs, fish and milk, but not everyone eats these and they do not eat enough to fight the depletion that happens from day to day living.   Alcohol, coffee, tobacco to name a few can also deplete the body of vitamin B12.

What happens when you have a deficiency of Vitamin B12?  It can bring about nerve degeneration.  Vitamin B12 supports the sheathing that protects nerve cells. Damage to the nerve sheathing can produce numbness, tingling and the pain. It’s called neuropathy.  Neuropathy can be a side effect of cancer treatments, certain medications, toxins, diabetes, and many other things.    And the funny part about it is that all reasons one can get neuropathy could have been prevented in the first place with the proper nutrients.   

We have all heard the problems from someone smoking, but even if you smoke, you can still take vitamins to compensate for the depletion of vitamins that it causes. 

There are a lot of problems that deficiency causes. One of the reasons for the website is to help you understand those deficiencies and allow you to fix nutritional deficiencies and build good health. 

Remember when you build good health, disease tends to fade away.

What deficiencies can you fix to build health? See our Site Index




Neuropathy, why the pain, the tingling and the numbness?

Neuropathy has many symptoms.  It may start with a tingling feeling and end up with numbness. It can be a pricking, or burning sensation, loss of reflexes and muscle shrinkage, abnormal sensations, or sensitivity to touch.  Its worse symptom is pain, sometimes so excruciating that a person would amputate rather than continue the pain.  

It is called many names such as paresthesia, neuritis, neuralgia, dysesthensia, hypoesthesia, hypesthesia, hypalgesia, hypealgesia and hyperesthesia due to its many different kinds of symptoms. 

But, what underlies all these symptoms?

They are created by a specific type of nerve damage. This nerve damage can come from too much sugar in the blood (the reason it is a side effect of diabetes). It can be caused by exposure to chemicals such as cancer treatments, poisons, alcoholism, or a side effect of some medications.  It can be the result of kidney or liver failure, infectious disease or nutritional deficiencies especially B vitamins.  The reasons are many; the damage they produce is the same.

What creates the problem is damage done to the outer lining of the nerve cell.  Cells have coverings much like an electrical wire has an insulation of plastic.  Have you ever seen a wire whose insulation is damaged – the electrical current doesn’t flow correctly. It can send electricity out from the area where it is damaged, it can stop the flow of electricity or it can damage what it's supposed to be supplying electricity to.

A damaged nerve covering does the same thing.  It can send out “sparks” that cause tingling, it can stop the flow resulting in numbness.  It can create feelings of hot or cold or a sensitivity due to crossed signals.  It can definitely cause pain especially as the damage gets worse.

The idea is to fix this outer covering. This is called the myelin sheath.  What is needed is specific B vitamins. The only question is how to get these B vitamins in sufficient amounts so that the body can actually repair the damage.  Isolated B vitamins that are sold at the health food stores or local drug stores get washed out of the system too quickly to fix the damage.  It would be hard to take enough of this type of nutrients to make a difference.  You can’t get it from vitamins made in a laboratory.

What is needed is a whole food supplement with methylcobalamine and benfotiamine and other B vitamins that the body can use to build healthy cells. The body can build healthy nerves, but it does need specific nutrients to do that job.  

Nutrients are what a body runs on.   A car runs on gas.  If you drive the car down the road, it uses up a steady amount of that gas.  If you take that same car and speed down the freeway, you will use up a lot of gas.  When you take a body “out on the freeway”, or put it under physical stress, it uses up a lot more nutrients. Thus, getting the right supplements in the right amount is important.

Just as a car won’t drive without giving it gas.  A body can’t function correctly without the proper nutrients it needs to “drive”. In the case of neuropathy, it needs these B vitamins.

Neuropathy can be a side effect of many things.   Although most often it is caused by too much sugar in the blood - Diabetes - there are many factors.  Chemotherapy and some drugs have neuropathy as a side effect and it can be caused by surgery damaging the nerves - there are others.

For more information about neuropathy

Who is at Risk

Individuals at risk of acquiring neuropathy are those associated with the following conditions

  • Diabetes

  • Alcoholism

  • Severe malnutrition

  • Trauma

  • Vitamin Deficiencies
  • and many others (for a full list Risks for Neuropathy)

Why? Because these conditions all result in the nerves being damaged.

Symptoms can include:

  • Numbness, tingling (feeling of pins and needles of the hands and or feet.

  • Burning of hands and/or feet

  • Numbness around the mouth

  • Constipation

  • Loss of sensation or touch

  • Loss of positional sense (knowing where a body part is without looking)

  • Weakness and leg cramping or any pain in hands and/or feet.

  • Difficulty picking things up or buttoning clothes.

The nerve is damaged and this is what needs to be addressed. The body can build healthy nerves.

Read about what is needed for Nerve Health




Physician's find American's Taking Too Much Medication

I've long believed that people are overmedicated especially since there are so many natural alternatives to drugs. However, here is an article by Dr. Mercola.

  • Most physicians in the U.S. believe overtreatment is harmful, wasteful and common, costing Americans both financially and very real physical health damage from unintended side effects

  • Improvements in imaging and testing have led to an increase in the number of people diagnosed with diseases, but not necessarily a reduction in the number who die from the condition

  • Seek out a physician who prescribes medications conservatively to reduce your risks while improving your nutritional, exercise and movement lifestyle choices.

    For the full article - Too Much Medication

Much better to build health.




To Your Health, 


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