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1. Is Your Favorite Condiment Making You Sick?  by Suzy Cohen, R.Ph.
2. Sensory Neuropathy or Nerve Pain, what is it.
3. Nutritional Support for Nerve Pain
4. We Really Like this Natural Remedy - Dental Review


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Is Your Favorite Condiment Making You Sick?  by Suzy Cohen, R.Ph.


When you think of histamine, you immediately think of allergies, right? But histamine is actually a neurotransmitter and we make it in our cells, then dump it out after exposure to a trigger. Certain foods you eat are very high in histamine. You are unintentionally making yourself high in histamine, and then I’ll bet you are running straight for the medicine cabinet to take an ANTIhistamine pill!

Foods that are high in histamine are often fermented (in other words, they’ve started to rot a little bit – ew!). Histamine-rich foods include leftovers, cold cuts, hot dogs, wine, vinegar, parmesan cheese… and dozens more, which I’ll tell you about in my ebook offer below. High-protein foods like meat or seafood don’t contain much histamine when they are fresh, but the longer they are cured or stored, the more histamine they contain.


For entire article


More information about MSG and the various names it hides under





Sensory Neuropathy or Nerve Pain, Nerve Damage, what is it.

There are three types of nerves - sensory nerves, motor nerves and autonomic nerves.  

Nerves carry information to and from the brain. It is the communication system of the body. The brain sends out commands to the body via the nervous system. The brain gets information from the body via the nervous system. 

Every nerve in your peripheral system has a specific function, so the symptoms will depend on the type of nerves affected. 

Nerves are classified into:

Sensory nerves that receive sensation, such as temperature, pain, vibration or touch, from the skin

Motor nerves that control muscle movement

Autonomic nerves that control functions such as blood pressure, heart rate, digestion and bladder

Sensory nerves relay what you feel, such as pain, or touch. 

The symptoms you feel with sensory neuropathy depend on which nerve is damaged. It could be in your feet, your hands, arms, legs, back, head, etc. 

With sensory nerve damage, you can experience tingling and pricking sensations, sensitivity to touch and even left arm pain and tingling. Small fiber neuropathy affects the nerve endings in the fingers or toes as well as the legs. 

If the nerve damage increase it can cause sharp pain, jabbing pain, throbbing, freezing or burning pain, stabling pain and then can lead to numbness in feet and other areas. There is also extreme sensitivity to touch. 

It can start in your feet or hands, and can then spread upward into your legs and arms

What Causes this? 

There are many causes of neuropathy or nerve damage. You can review a list of these at Risk & Causes of Neuropathy


Medical treatments for this type of damage will use drugs in an attempt to cover up the symptoms by stopping the communication to the brain, or making you less aware of it. 

Natural vitamins can be used by the body to build healthy nerves.

For more information about Nerve Damage – Neuropathy, you can read more at Neuropathy 


We always recommend building health and with nerves it is no different. 

What does the body need to build healthy nerves, find out more about Healthy Nerves





Nutritional Support for Nerve Pain

Omega-3 fatty acids can provide important nutritional support for those who have nerve pain.

Nerve pain (or neuropathic pain) is usually caused by a deterioration of the myelin sheath that surrounds and insulates pain nerves.

Then, just like an electrical circuit with exposed wiring, nerves that shouldn't be communicating directly with each other, cross paths and create a feedback loop that perpetuates pain.

The February 2010 "Clinical Journal of Pain" describes five patients with neuropathic pain that experienced lasting relief by taking high dosages of EPA and DHA. Dosages of 2,400 to 7,200 mg a day contributed to improvements that were maintained for as long as 19 months.

It then follows that the higher the Omega-3 (EPA & DHA) content of the fish oil, the more it will nutritionally support and help your body to maintain normal nerve function.


For more on Cold Water Fish Oil and How it will help with Neuropathic Pain




We Really Like this Natural Remedy


This is a review by the Natural Health Concerns Team about Dental Pro 7.  McVitamins has been promoting Dental Pro 7 for many years and we totally recommend it.  But let's hear from another team of health concerned people 



If you’re on the lookout for a remedy for your gum problem – you should take a close look at this excellent product.

The ‘Natural Health Concerns Team’ always have an eye open for natural health products that really work well, and give excellent value for money.

Dental Pro 7 is just one of those special products.

Dental Pro 7 Review and Why

This Product Represents Great Value  

If you consider your options for dealing with gum disease and bad breath, you start to realize that there’s only one clear winner. 

Let’s imagine for a moment that you have been unable to cure your chronic gum disease.

Your dentist has identified some bad pockets and you have a couple of loose teeth that look like they might fall out some time soon.

Your gums are red and sore and they bleed when you brush your teeth. Your breath is embarrassing and you are really worried about the expense as your dentist starts to offer you some painful sounding treatments.

Your dentist wants to do some deep cleaning. As only 30% of your teeth are visible, he wants to dig down under your gums to get at the hidden 70%.

He/she will usually do a quarter of your teeth at one time as this is an uncomfortable procedure.

Sometimes this may involve cutting flaps into your gums, scraping away the tartar and plaque and then sewing the flaps back around your teeth.

Although your gum problems might not be this bad, the treatment is going to be painful and the cost will also be uncomfortable.

The worst part of this treatment is that your dentist hasn’t actually cured your gum disease. He might be able to deep clean your teeth – but he won’t have done anything to prevent the problem returning.

The simple fact is – your dentist is excellent at repairing teeth. But he can’t do anything to prevent your gum disease returning again and again.

So the point is – if your dentist’s treatment is costly, painful and won’t prevent the illness returning – then anything that is much cheaper, is an effective remedy for gum disease – and stops it coming back again . . . has to be extremely good value we think.

Dental Pro 7 Review and Can Traditional Tootpastes and Mouthwashes Help At All ?

Now let’s take a look at the popular oral products you might typically buy from your local supermarket or drugstore.

The toothpaste and mouthwash sitting on your bathroom shelf clearly haven’t helped – or you wouldn’t be suffering from your gum disease problems right now.

Fair comment ?

Toothpaste and mouthwash ads are full of glitter and promise. Lots of people with very clean teeth and nice smiles will tell you how this toothpaste and that mouthwash are designed to stop harmful oral bacteria (the cause of bad breath and gum disease).

However, if that’s the case, how is it that 75% of adults around the world suffer from some form of gum disease at various times in their lives ?

Because these oral care brands are international . . . everyone uses them.

It seems that standard toothpaste and mouthwash are ineffective at preventing gum disease or helping with any existing gum damage.

In fact – toothpaste and mouthwash are so full of chemicals, it’s surprising more people don’t get ill from using them.

As it is – the chemicals are mostly added to improve the flavor and to disguise some harsh tastes, as well as lengthening the shelf-life of these products for the benefit of the retail outlets that sell them.

So if your dentist can’t help and your toothpaste and mouthwash can’t help – let’s look at the third option.

Dental Pro 7 Review – Is This Really the Best Gum Disease Remedy ?

The purpose of the Natural Health Concerns Team website is to find natural products that really work – and it’s fair to say that many do not work . . . or at least have a minimal beneficial effect.

Dental Pro 7 – on the other hand – is a natural product with an extremely good track record in successfully treating and preventing gum disease and it has truly great results.

This product was created by Daniel Sanderson who suffered badly from gum disease and he spent some time researching natural ingredients to find and effective cure for gum disease.

Having completely cured his own gum problems without needing to pay large dental costs, Daniel decided he could help other people treat their gum disease using his scientific blend of pure essential oils.

Dental Pro 7 Review

Dental Pro 7 has been available for a good number of years now and it’s a tried and tested product as the many customer testimonials confirm.

As it’s distributed all over the world, Orders are dispatched same day, so you can very quickly be destroying your harmful oral bacteria and making rapid progress with your gum problems.

The first benefit you will enjoy is the end of bad breath.

The harmful bacteria excretes a foul smelling sulfurous deposit all over your mouth. If you start killing the bacteria – you also kill the smell and that’s pretty much instantaneous.

So if you’re currently trying to mask bad breath with gum or scented candy, you can now stop having to do that.

By using fast acting Dental Pro 7, this will get rid of your bad breath the day you start using it.

A member of the ‘Natural Health Concerns Team’ has used Dental Pro 7 and reports that her results are quite amazing.

She reports that her sore, red gums that would bleed when brushing and flossing are now pink and healthy again

On the basis that Dental Pro 7 has such excellent customer feedback and one of our people has used it very successfully we give a strong recommendation for this product as a natural remedy for gum disease and bad breath.

As a final word – Dental Pro 7 is covered by a full money-back guarantee that’s unconditional. So if you are not happy with this product for any reason whatsoever – you will be refunded every cent.

The Natural Health Concerns Team

To learn more about gum disease and Dental Pro 7




To Your Health 





Nerve Support Success - My Hands and Feet Were Totally Numb


Our customers who have neuropathy, nerve pain or nerve damage use our Nerve Support products to get nutritional support for their nerves and are restoring their quality of life every day.

Our Nerve Support products provide the correct nutritional help needed in order to build healthy nerves and supports healthy nerve function.

Here is what some of our customers have to say about using it:


"I suffered from very bad neck and shoulder pain for many years. I need to go to my chiropractor if the pain is too much to bear. Occasionally I will also have deep tissue body massage to cope with the pain.

"I came to know of the Nerve Support Formula through the internet and decided to give it a try, although I had taken other supplements that didn't help me much. I am very glad to say that this time around, the Nerve Support Formula does help give much relief to my pain.

"My pain started decreasing from the second week after I started taking the supplement. The pain on my neck and shoulder has gone off a lot, though I am not completely without pain, but I have stopped my visits to the chiropractor for almost 2 months now. I don't feel so tense and depressed nowadays for I have hope I will be much better as the days go by."

From Catherine C. in Singapore


"I suffer from neuropathy in my leg from back surgery. I was so desperate one night with the sharp ripping pain in my leg, that I sat at the computer looking for something to help.

"I found the Real Health Nerve Support and really felt I should try it. I had to take from 4 capsules up to 12 capsules for several weeks and then I gradually weaned myself down every week by 2 capsules, until now I take 2 capsules 2 times a day.

"I have been doing this for several years with no return of the sharp ripping pain. Yes, I still have pain but it is tolerable now and I enjoy a quality of life."

From Yvonne F. in Michigan


"I am 80 years old and I have full time job as a school bus driver. I have been using your Nerve supplements for at least 6 years.

"I used to live in a retirement community where many of my neighbors had diabetic nerve damage in their hands and feet. They had the pins and needles sensation in their feet and hands and for some, both hands and feet were totally numb and without feeling.

"My problem began that way too, but I researched the problem and luckily discovered your company. I started taking the capsules and waited for the results. Nothing for a while.

"Fortunately, you encouraged me to continue and up the dosage slowly. Eventually the symptoms eased. Today, I have no symptoms, no pins and needles. I have total feeling in both my hands and feet.

"Thank you for this product. My life would be much degraded and much less fun without it. I cannot say if my results would be the same for others, but you have to try it and judge for yourself."

From Stephanie in New York


Our Nerve Support is a nutritional supplements that is specifically formulated to help build healthy nerves for anyone, including those with neuropathy, and they work extremely well.

Learn More and Order at RHP Nerve Support Formula


If you have any questions about our Nerve Support Formula please email or call us at (888) 758-5590 (US & Canada)  or (818) 956-9850 (International). 


We want to make sure you get the results you are looking for.