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1. Real Energy Drink - A Fantastic Resource for Extra Energy
2. Cause of Depression and what can be done
3. Neuropathy (nerve damage) Caused by Trauma
Bleeding Gums and Gum Disease


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"We need to shift our focus from treating disease to generating health..." Hippocrates (AMA"The Father of Medicine")



Real Energy Drink - A Fantastic Resource for Extra Energy

Many people use some form of stimulant to get them going in the morning or keep them going in the afternoon.

Now, there is a simple, safe and effective solution to being bright and alert (without any jitters) and having all the energy you need for the whole day.

Real Energy was developed to give your body real, immediate energy, and it won't raise blood sugar levels. It has ingredients that actually support the body's ability to produce energy at the cellular level.

Here is what one of our customers had to say about using it:

"This is a great and healthy way of improving your energy! I'm able to keep a level (without dropping) energy level throughout the day, and I noticed that my energy levels improved during my 30 minute treadmill run.

"I don't get any jittery sensations from this product at all, and I have experienced improved mental clarity.

"I would also say that with an estimated 32 servings per bottle it saves you in the long run, being that other energy drinks give you a crash after a while, and it causes a dependency on it, so a person drinks more throughout the day which equals more money spent."

From Jose V. in California

RHP Real Energy was developed to support improved mental clarity, alertness and energy with no letdown and no tiredness.

To get more information about the product,
RHP Real Energy


Real Cause of Depression

Depression can come from losing something, or it can be that you can't find the cause. 

There are alternatives to drugging your body, actually there should never be a reason to put a chemical in your body, and it is much better to addresses the underlying nutritional causes.

Dr. Berg educates you on the different reasons that you feel depressed. Correct the reason and see if you can improve that emotion. 

Real Cause of Depression




Neuropathy (nerve damage) Caused by Trauma


Sports Injuries, work Injuries, auto accidents, repetitive motion injuries can cause nerve damage

How it happens? What can be done for relief?

Trauma whether by a physical Injury or surgery is a common cause of neuropathy, nerve damage.

Trauma - Physical Injuries are the most common cause of injury to a nerve. 

Injury or sudden trauma, such as from automobile accidents, falls, sports-related activities. etc., can cause nerves to be partially or completely severed, crushed, compressed, or stretched, sometimes so forcefully that they are partially or completely detached from the spinal cord. 

How can this trauma of injuries damage the nerves?

Broken or dislocated bones can exert damaging pressure on neighboring nerves, and slipped disks between vertebrae can compress nerve fibers where they emerge from the spinal cord.

Trauma can cause pressure neuropathy. This is "pinching" a nerve by putting too much pressure on it.. For example, the sciatic nerve may be painfully compressed by a ruptured disc in the lower spine, causing sciatica. Pressure neuropathy is also called nerve compression. 

Entrapment neuropathy (neuralgia, neuritis, pinched or trapped nerve) is caused by physical compression or irritation of major nerve trunks and peripheral nerves, producing distant nerve pain symptoms. Certain sites in the body are more likely to produce nerve entrapment because of anatomical vulnerability that can be created by trauma.

Repetitive stress - frequently leads to entrapment neuropathies, a special category of compression injury. Carpal tunnel syndrome is an example of repetitive stress.

Cumulative damage can result from repetitive, forceful, awkward activities that require flexing of any group of joints for prolonged periods. The resulting irritation may cause ligaments, tendons, and muscles to become inflamed and swollen, constricting the narrow passageways through which some nerves pass. 

Compression neuropathy - pressure on an area can result in an inability to transmit nerve impulses because compression has damaged nerve fibers either directly, or indirectly by restricting their supply of oxygen. 

Trauma that causes severe muscle injuries can compress nerve. .It all depends on the nerve compressed.

Surgeries can damage or completely sever a nerve creating the trauma that results in the pain of nerve damage or neuropathy. For surgery created trauma Neuropathy - See Neuropathy from Surgery

Stun guns are designed to incapacitate individuals for short periods of time so that they can be apprehended. Unfortunately, some individuals have adverse reactions to these devices, especially when they are misused. Some injuries that can result include electric burns, heart palpitations, cardiac arrest and nerve damage. 

Gunshot wounds can range from minor, superficial skin wounds to major organ injury and death. A bullet wound can tear tendon, muscle, or nerve The severity of a gunshot wound is based on the location of injury and the type of weapon used. Even after the wound is healed, there may be significant nerve damage. 

Severed Nerves

Per "The Body Electric" by Robert O. Becker, M.D. and Gary Selden "Peripheral nerve fibers can regrow - otherwise we'd lose sensation whenever we cut a finger." "The peripheral nerve's cell body survives, safe in the cord or brain, and the cut end of the attached part of the fiber is sealed off. .... and begins to grow toward the proximal fiber (the one nearer the center of the body)....... they are growing across the chasm. When these cells meet, the nerve fibers grows along its reconnected sheath and eventually makes contact with the same terminals it originally served. These cells "can cross large gaps"..... It can close a gap of 1 centimeter. 

What can you do about this nerve damage?

Natural Neuropathy Pain Treatment: 

There are various treatments for neuropathy (nerve damage) To learn more and also read about the available treatments, go to Neuropathy

What can be done for relief?  We always recommend you take the approach of building health - and nerves are no different. 

Find out how to build healthy nerves




Bleeding Gums and Gum Disease


Healthy gums are pink and do not bleed.

What is gum disease? 

It's called Gingivitis 

Gingivitis is characterized by gum redness, changes in the gum,, and bleeding. It is essentially painless. 

It is created when plague (sticky deposits of bacteria, mucus and food particles) adheres to the teeth, hardens and irritates the gum.

The accumulation of this plague causes the gums to become infected and swollen. As the gums swell, pockets form between the gums and the teeth and act as a trap for more plague. Irritated gums bleed and eventually start to recede. 

This irritation can be fought by introducing Vitamin C which fights the formation of plaque. 

What to do about gum disease problems:

Gum problems need to be addressed before they get worse and become periodontal disease - something that can create loose teeth and a lot of health problems due to the bacteria that comes along with too much plague. 

The key dietary recommendation on gum problems is to avoid sugar. Sugar is known to significantly increase plaque accumulation by depleting Vitamin C. Sugar destroys vitamin C.

Phase out soft drinks. Canned soda contains excess phosphorus, a mineral that could lead to the leeching of calcium from your bones. Calcium is first robbed not from your hips or spine but from you jaw leading to tooth loss.

Deficiencies of vitamin C, bioflavonoids, calcium, folic acid, or niacin is related and can make it worse 

Anything that improves health overall and the body's ability to build health will affect the mouth positively. 

Helpful Nutrition:

Fresh fruits, and vegetables, meat, eggs  and fiber should be the mainstay of the menu. Vegetables & fruits enhance enzyme function. fermented dairy products, such as yogurt help maintain intestinal health. Calcium is gotten from food. Calcium is easier for the body to digest via vegetables. 

Vitamin C is one nutrient that has a very positive effect on the mouth. Vitamin C is vital for production of collagen, the basic protein building block for the fibrous framework of all the tissues, including gums. 

Vitamin C strengthens weak gum tissue and makes the gum lining more resistant to penetration by bacteria. 

A good form of Vitamin C that is easy for the body to use as it is whole food nutrition. This RFN Vitamin C should be taken per directions or twice the recommended for gum problems. For more info (This really is a different type of C)

Calcium is needed to restore any deficiencies which can result in periodontal disease. Periodontal disease and gum disorders are forms of osteoporosis of the mouth. 

It is essential to stop using or consuming items that cause calcium to become deficient and or toxic. This includes products such as ice cream, fruit yogurt, tea, coffee, cigarettes and aluminum.

But calcium to be used needs other nutrients. Read about the Bone Support Formula.

Recommended Natural Program: 

Treatment for Gum problems:

Natural Toothpaste 

The major cause of all gum, tooth and breath problems are the overproduction of plaque bacteria and pathogens in the mouth... a solution was stopping this bacteria from forming while at the same time being almost impossible to wash away, then it would have a extremely successful solution on my hands!

The Pro Dental 7 liquid is easy to apply and takes up only two minutes of your day (it can be worked in to your normal tooth-brushing routine). There is a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. So you can try it out and see the results for yourself. 

The creator of Pro Dental 7 says this:

I started researching countless books and websites when one day I came across an important document I found in an old medical journal; it explained how certain plant extracts could completely kill multiple strains of bacteria in the mouth, in under 30 seconds... I excitedly ordered all the extracts and immediately began my experiments!

After about 5-6 weeks of formulating different solutions, I'd finished, I'd created a extremely powerful solution that would potentially kill the all harmful bacteria and penetrate deep down inside the gum tissue... I also made sure the solution wasn't water soluble (unlike all the other products I'd tried in the past) so it wouldn't wash away!

I brushed my teeth with the new solution and 'WOW' my entire mouth felt great; after just 2 weeks of use I was amazed; my gum infection had cleared up nicely ...

But that's when I noticed something else had happened, something quite special; My teeth were gleaming white, my bad breath was gone, and my gums looked healthy. 


"i never get bad breath anymore, my gums no longer bleed when i brush them and they are now pink and healthy"

-- Anne. S

"guess what? I don't need to see the hygienist. The dentist said that my mouth seems to have had a miraculous recovery"

-- Rose

"I no more have bad breath, gum bleeding has reduced drastically in just 3 days. In short, it is working great"

-- G, US

Feedback. I have been using it for 1month plus and yesterday visited dentist. First time I am told gum looks good! And healthy !! Thank you so much I was worried I am going lose my tooth soon. Good job! !?

-Kind regards -Vasuke Singapore'

Im am so impressed with Dental Pro 7 that I sent it to my three children for their birthdays. I use it every night before bed and the two teeth that bothered me for the past year are not bothering me anymore. 


The Active ingredients in one bottle of Dental Pro 7 is estimated at over 700% more concentrated than the leading antibacterial dental gel.


The price of Dental Pro 7 for a 2 month supply for $59.97 + $5 Shipping

Yes a professional dental solution for under $60... you can't even get a dentist to 'look' at your teeth for that price. Each bottle is 10 ml.

We Ship to: the USA, Canada, Australia, Asia, South Africa and New Zealand. Sorry we don't accept orders from Europe.

Ingredients and more Dental Pro 7

Clinical References:

(1) Takarada K, Kimizuka R, Takahashi N, Honma K, Okuda K, Kato T. A comparison of the antibacterial efficacies of essential oils against oral pathogens. Department of Microbiology, Tokyo Dental College, 1-2-2 Masago, Mihama-ku, Chiba 261-8502, Japan. Oral Microbiol Oral Microbiol Immunol. 2004 Feb;19(1):61-4 Read this clinical reference

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To Your Health 





Fatigue, Tiredness or Stress?


Do you experience any one of these things - fatigue, tiredness or stress?

You could be deficient in B Vitamins.

B-complex vitamin deficiencies occur far more easily and frequently than has been generally assumed, especially in people on weight loss diets, fasts, high daily intakes of sugar, refined and processed foods, as well as, caffeine, smoking and alcohol. People under stress or on a long list of medications can also be at high risk of developing B vitamin deficiencies.

RHP B-Complex Plus is now available and you can get your bottle today!

To get information and order the RHP B-Complex Plus

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email or call us at (888) 758-5590 (US & Canada)  or (818) 956-9850 (International).