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1. 10 Popular Foods that Drain Energy and Add Extra Pounds 
2. New Hope for Late Stage Cancer Patients
3. Muscle Cramps and the Need for Electrolytes
4. Addressing Your Neuropathy, What Can You Do?


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"We need to shift our focus from treating disease to generating health..." Hippocrates (AMA"The Father of Medicine")



10 Popular Foods that Drain Energy and Add Extra Pounds 

Eating too many processed foods high in sugar and refined carbohydrates is a key reason why many people are lacking in energy and gaining weight

Among the 10 energy-draining foods to avoid are bagels, muffins, cereal, soda, fruit smoothies and fruit juice, sweetened yogurt, potato chips, and sandwiches

Lack of energy and weight gain are often related to certain lifestyle choices, such as not enough healthy food, too much processed foods and sugar, and not enough exercise and sleep, plus an overload of stress

To lose weight and increase energy levels, most people need to reduce their intake of carbohydrates from grains and sugars while increasing their intake of healthful fats

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New Hope for Late Stage Cancer Patients

Oncologists in Turkey who aren’t under the same U.S. restrictions, are using a stacked ketogenic treatment protocol that is showing shocking remissions in many stage 4 cancer patients.

By using metabolic support strategies such as ketogenic diet and fasting, a minimal dose of chemotherapy can be used, thereby eliminating many of the side effects and risks of treatment while actually improving outcomes.

Stage 4 pancreatic cancer patients have a life expectancy of six months. Yet metabolically supported chemotherapy was able to induce complete remission even in patients with this advanced stage disease.


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Another Success Story from using another method Hope Floats  She explains the treatments in her story. 


And another article Vitamin C May Be a Potent Adjunct to Cancer Treatment

Research shows vitamin C is selectively cytotoxic to cancer cells when administered intravenously in high doses, and has a number of heart and cardiovascular benefits.

When given intravenously at high doses, vitamin C produces a pro-oxidant effect, thereby generating hydrogen peroxide, which is ultimately what kills the cancer cells

Normal tissues are not harmed by the high levels of hydrogen peroxide generated because healthy cells have several ways of effectively removing it, thereby preventing buildup to toxic levels. Cancer cells lack this ability

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Muscle Cramps and the Need for Electrolytes

Leg Cramps 
You know the kind. They wake you up and are excruciatingly painful.

Defining this cramp is easy, it is nothing more than a short involuntary contraction of a muscle. One of your muscles decides to flex and stays that way, without your permission.

What causes leg cramps and what to do about it?

It is a little more difficult to say what causes this exactly. Low levels of certain minerals known as electrolytes - magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium - have long been linked to leg cramps. Certain drugs, such as diuretics (water pills) for the heart and your high blood pressure, have been cited as the culprit. If the kidneys aren't working properly, it can also lead to this problem.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E seems to be one of those therapies that help people. Toxins, including renegade molecules known as free radicals which damage healthy molecules by stealing electrons to balance themselves, are left behind to irritate the muscles. Just as Vitamin E soaks up free radicals linked to heart disease, etc., it can also attack those causing leg cramps. (get more info on Free Radicals and Antioxidants). In many trials, the use of Vitamin 400 IU daily, handled these cramps. 


Electrolytes - magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium - are some of the most important and most well known nutrients in the fight against cramping. 


But, did you know that you are most likely to run out of magnesium before any other electrolyte? Most people do not eat enough foods containing magnesium (such as green leafy vegetables, nuts, figs, and pumpkin seeds).

Also, certain medications flush magnesium out of your system. Medications used to treat heart disease and high blood pressure are examples of this type of medication. 

Magnesium is needed by the cells to allow potassium and calcium to move in and out when needed for the muscle to do its job. Without adequate levels of any of these nutrients, the muscle becomes irritable. Both potassium and calcium are needed and the body usually has enough of these two electrolytes, but if the body doesn't have magnesium, it can't use the other two. 

Magnesium is a powerful relaxant for the muscles and this mineral is the preferred treatment for stopping premature labor contractions and a dangerous condition called preeclampsia which causes extreme swelling and high blood pressure in pregnant women. However, please note that pregnant women, under a medical doctor's care, should not take any supplement without first discussing it with him/he due to different reactions with drugs. 

Caution: If you have kidney problems, taking magnesium supplements may make you accumulate the mineral too quickly, which could be toxic. If you have kidney or heart problems, you should check with your doctor first.

Some people who take magnesium supplements can get relief from leg cramps right away, but a long-standing deficiency can take weeks to overcome with supplements. 


Calcium itself may not have much benefit for leg cramps, but calcium helps the magnesium absorption. Taking skim milk with magnesium tablets will help. 


Electrolytes including Potassium

Dr. Berg’s Electrolytes
has the most potassium of any electrolyte power mix!

Dr. Berg’s Electrolyte Powder is the perfect combination of electrically conducting minerals and trace minerals. Electrolytes when dissolved in water create charged elements ready to hydrate the body cells and energize the body. These active minerals assist in nerve conduction as well as muscle contraction and relaxation.

You can learn more about this supplement at Dr. Berg's Electolytes. This page includes 4 educational videos about electrolytes and their need for your health.

Electrolyes: Rehydrate & Rejuvenate! as well as Energize & Recharge Your Cells!

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Addressing Your Neuropathy, What Can You Do?


What can you do to address the symptoms of neuropathy.

1. Control your Blood Sugars if you are diabetic – it is the high blood sugar that creates nerve damage.

2. Find out what the Cause of Your Neuropathy is – and make sure you eliminate the cause. 

If you got neuropathy from trauma, it isn’t a problem unless someone is beating you up every week, but there are many causes, and you need to find out what created your neuropathy and eliminate the cause. 

Don’t eat things that include artificial sweeteners or MSG (watch for the names this ingredient may be hidden – see other names for MSG)

It can be toxins to avoid, or medications such as statins or blood pressure medications with a possible side effect of neuropathy. Talk to your doctor about changing the medication. Or you can find a natural solution for High Cholesterol. See article on Cholesterol

Not sure what caused your Neuropathy – go to Causes and Risk Factors for Neuropathy; and see if it can be spotted. 

Idiopathic Neuropathy just means someone hasn’t found out yet. There is always a cause and it might even be more than one cause. The combination of risk factors can create the problem that you are now feeling.

If you have neuropathy, I'd check all the possible reasons and contributors to neuropathy, and stay away. You don't want anything that might contribute to your neuropathy

3. Alpha Lipoic Acid & Acetyl l Carnitine will help the body address the condition by getting the nerves to become healthy faster. 

4. Take B12 (methyl B 12 NOT cynocobalamine) The body uses B12 to prevent and correct neurological defects including regeneration of neurons and the myelin sheaths protecting the nerve cells. cynocobalamine isn't always absorbed by the body and you only get a small amount. 

5. Take B1 (benfotiamine) Benfotiamine is fat soluble B-1 and has 360% greater bioavailability than any other form of B-1 which is essential to overall nerve health. It doesn't wash out of the body like regular B1.

For a good source of these vitamins and others that work together to build healthy nerves. 

Go to RHP Nerve Support Formula

For a good source of Alpha Lipoic Acid & Acetyl L-carnitine

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