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1. Dr. Berg discusses the difference between metal minerals (in our food) and plant based minerals
2. New - The Advanced Pain Relief Cream
3. Inability to Burn Fat for Fuel is the Root Cause of Most Degenerative Conditions
Natural Remedies for Lyme Disease


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"We need to shift our focus from treating disease to generating health..." Hippocrates (AMA"The Father of Medicine")


Dr. Berg discusses the difference between metal minerals (in our food) and plant based minerals


There is a difference between the minerals we find in plants and the metallic minerals that are being put in foods.  Dr. Berg talks about this and demonstrates it.


Dr. Berg on Metal Minerals in Food


For Dr. Berg's Health Formulas




NEW - Advanced Pain Relief Cream

There is now a superior blend of the most powerful ingredients giving you the fast acting and vanishing relief of a gel, with a special base so it can be massaged into trouble areas for deep long lasting pain relief!

Key product ingredients provide pain relief and are a natural inflammation aid:

- Menthol 3.7% (Active Ingredient): Provides Deep Soothing Relief from Pain, Cools Skin, Local Analgesic
- Arnica Montana Extract: Increases Circulation, Speeds Recovery
- Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine): Promotes Normal Nerve Function
- MSM: Supports Healthy Connective Tissues
- Ilex Leaf extract: Natural Caffeine That Increases Circulation, Skin Conditioner
- Tea Tree Oil: Penetrates Skin, Accelerates Skin Healing
- Vitamin E: Enhances Blood Circulation, Skin Hydrating
- Aloe: Softens and Hydrates Skin

The Advanced Natural Pain Relief Cream can help reduce pain and is not a habit-forming pain medication. It is effective in reducing or getting rid of:

- Nerve Pain
- Muscle Pain
- Back Pain
- Neck Pain
- Joint Pain and Much More

You can learn more and order the Advanced Natural Pain Relief Cream



Inability to Burn Fat for Fuel is the Root Cause of Most Degenerative Conditions


“Fat for Fuel,” released May 16, 2017, became an instant nationwide No. 1 best-seller, beating out the No. 2 best-selling book by a significant margin

“Fat for Fuel” was reviewed and edited by more than two dozen health experts, scientists and researchers, making it one of the few peer-reviewed books on health on the market

Inability to Burn Fat for Fuel Is the Root Cause of Most Degenerative Conditions

As explained in "Fat for Fuel," a foundational cause of most degenerative diseases is the fact that your mitochondria, the little powerhouses located in most of your body's cells, are not burning a fuel that will minimize mitochondrial damage. This mitochondrial dysfunction lays the groundwork for subsequent breakdowns of various bodily systems.

Read the article on the Theory of Fat for Fuel



Natural Remedies for Lyme Disease


If you get Lyme disease - do these actions and prevent a lot of suffering. 

Check out the video by Dr. Berg.





To Your Health





RHP Nerve Support Success - My Pain Had Lessened Dramatically


Our Nerve Support products provide the correct nutritional help needed in order to build healthy nerves and supports healthy nerve function.

Here is another success story from someone like you who is using our Nerve Support products:

"Real Health Products Nerve Support was recommended to me by a church friend who became aware that I suffered from neuropathy of the feet.

"After using the product for a few months, I realized that my pain had lessened dramatically.

"I have since recommended the product to others."

From June V. in Oklahoma

Our Nerve Support products are nutritional supplements that are specifically formulated to help build healthy nerves for anyone, including those with neuropathy, and they work extremely well.

To order the RHP Nerve Support Formula


If you have any questions about our Nerve Support Formula, please email or call us at (888) 758-5590 (US & Canada)  or (818) 956-9850 (International). 


We want to make sure you get the results you are looking for.