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NOTE:  We will always be working on making this site useful to anyone who is interested in building health. We know that when you build good health, disease tends to fall away.

We continue to research the best place to get the supplements we talk about on this site both for quality and for getting them in the proper ratios.  So, this list will never be complete.   We will also be continually updating this page when we find better supplements.

REAL HEALTH PRODUCTS Whole Food Supplements

A brand of vitamins that are whole foods can be found is the Real Health Products Whole Food Supplements. 

Their mission is to help people with build health. They  will work with you to reverse non-optimum health. They want to help you to be able to control and improve your own quality of life, or that of your loved ones.  Their goal is to help you return your body to health and wellness.

You can find out about  their excellent products here - Whole Food Supplements

QUESTIONS on these Products?  Call 888 758-5590 or Email

(888)758-5590 US. & Canada
(818) 956-9850 International


Dental Pro 7 - Dental Care by Nature's Call

This is an all natural, highly effective dental care product created for total teeth and gum health, as well as overall dental hygiene.  For more on Dental Pro 7


Dr. Berg's Supplements

Dr. Berg's Products

Dr. Berg, author of "The 7 Principles of Fat Burning" has excellent products that help you achieve health. We found his products deliver and are all whole food. He has support for the glands and some of the best protein meal replacements.

You can see his products here: Berg's Health Products 

Standard Process® Supplements
Since 1929

Another brand of  whole food supplements are made by Standard Process.  Their Mission statement is "Standard Process is devoted to improving the quality of life by providing the safest, most effective, highest quality Standard Process are whole food supplements which is easily absorbed and used by the body.    Vitamins do not come isolated in nature and it takes all the co-factors present in nature to work in the body.  Thus, Standard Process with all the co-factors available. 

For more on Standard Process

There are recommendation for Standard Process supplements in the various articles.   

Seagate® Products

Seagate is a very unique natural foods company based in San Diego, California producing raw materials from their fishing and organic farming operations. 

They now own and operate a large modern factory producing over 25 health foods, supplements, vegetable concentrates, cosmetics, potent natural homeopathic remedies, and even organic fish fertilizer. Since it began operations in 1981, Seagate represents the health food industry of 30 years ago, when specialized companies produced their own raw materials and processed their own ingredients in an effort to make the best possible products in the industry

There are recommendation for Seagate supplements in the various articles.   

Bio-Active Nutrients

Quality Products for Overall Health

BioActive Nutrients is committed to quality products at an affordable price. All products are made of the most readily bioavailable materials and contain the purest ingredients available worldwide. Many of our products are animal and gluten free.  

This company was started because of the need for a complete multivitamin that everyone could take and afford.  The product line continues to grow and change as research uncovers new ways to get and stay healthy. 

There are recommendation for Bio-Active Nutrients supplements in the various articles.   



Nutritionist - Not a Dietician, but a Nutritionist. There are many good nutritionists who will test you for what you need and also test you for which supplements are best for you. They carry Standard Process supplements & herbs as well as other good & effective supplements. 

Go to Find a Nutriionist where you can locate one near you.


A good Daily supplement that are Natural Vitamins can be found here  Daily Nutrition For Optimum Health



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