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9-27-08 1. Chemotherapy & Neuropathy
2. Difference between Drugs & Supplements in the Treatment of Neuropathy

10-03-08 1. What are nutritional deficiencies and what do they do to your health
2. Are you getting enough Vitamins C to protect your body from illness and disease?

10-11-08 1. What is PCOS and how does it effect women?
2. The Right Diet for a Diabetic

10-31-08 1. Pain Scale - be able to communicate the severity of the pain
2. Health Myths - Are your vitamins doing you any good?
3. Healthy Diet for Diabetics 

11-7-08 1. High Triglycerides & Cholesterol How to Lower Them Naturally
2. What are Statin Drug Side Effects?
3.  Taking Cymbalta for Neuropathy

11-14-08 1. New Article - Kidney Stones
2. Ingredients in products - for those who requested this
3. What are nutritional deficiencies and what do they do to your health.

11-21-08 1.  Things that can Interfere with the Nerve Damage Repair for relief of Neuropathy.
The Difference Between Drugs and Nutrition Supplements 

11-28-08 1. What is Reflux, Heartburn and what is GERD?
2. The Science behind using supplements for nerve damage?

12-05-08 1. Bad Breath - What are the causes? What can you do about it?
2. Low Carb Diets Work for Overweight Diabetics

12-12-08 1. Niacin & Cholesterol
2. Neuropathy, why the pain, the tingling and the numbness?
3. Success in handling the Nerve Damage of Neuropathy
4. Chemotherapy & Neuropathy
5. Damaged cell receptors and Diabetes

12-19-08 1. Hyperthyroidism and Grave's Disease
2. Dieting to Lose Weight?  What are the facts surrounding diet failure?
3. High Triglycerides & Cholesterol - How to Lower them Naturally

12-24-08 1. Margarine or Butter?  Which is Better - for your Holiday Meals
2. Want to Measure your Carbs - Use this Free Carbohydrate Counter
3. On a low Carb diet - No More Boring Meals - Great Recipes.


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