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1. New Tear's Resolution
2. Nutritional Tip:  B12 - Pins & Needles
3. Lupus & Neuropathy (Nerve Damage)
4. Three Ways to Lose Weight



1. Why do Doctors Give Insulin to Diabetics Who have Too Much (Type II Diabetes)
2. The Logic, Wisdom and Scientific Evidence for the Homeopathic Treatment of Influenza
3. How Popular Medications Wipe Out Folate and Can Lead to Depression
4. Autoimmune Reaction & Neuropathy  (nerve damage)



1. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) 
2. 15 Possible Effects of Low Magnesium
3. Vitamins & Neuropathy 
4. Dental Health, what does it mean?

1-24-2018 1. New RHP (Real Health Products) Improved Formulas
2. The Opioid Epidemic - Information about these drugs
3. Neuropathy - any questions?
4. Insulin does a Lot More than Lowering Blood Sugar

1. Is the Ketogenic Diet Acidic?
2. Two Causes of Coronary Heart Disease It is Not Saturated Fat
3. Another Cause of Nerve Damage - Chemotherapy
4. Flu Shots


1. How Statins, Pesticides and Wireless Radiation Affect Your Heart Healt
2. Worried about Taking Vitamin B6
3. Too Much Insulin is NOT a Good Thing - 13 Insulin Triggers
4. VapoRub - Good For A Cold - 10 Other Ways to Use it for Health

2-14-2018 1. Top Ten Pain Triggering Foods
2. How to Avoid Blood Clots Strokes and Heart Attacks
3. Dental Work, Dental Surgery, Dental Implants and Nerve Damage
4. Magnesium - the Missing Link to Good Health

1. Antibiotic Resistance: Have We Had it Wrong the Whole Time?
2. What does the Flu Virus Do to Your Central Nervous System?
3. Neuropathy (nerve damage) Caused by Alcohol Use
Potassium : The Most Important Electrolyte


1. How to Reverse Cavities Naturally
2. Trouble Sleeping? 
3. Magnesium — One of the Most Important Nutrients for Heart Health
4. Amino Acids and Neuropathy


1. Alzheimer's Disease and what can be done 
2. The 3 Myths of Muscle Building
3. What Creates Bad Health? 
Vaccine Related Side Effects Including Nerve Damage


1. Flu Shots - What you need to know about Vaccine Effectiveness and Alternatives
When is the Best Time to Take Supplements
3. Agent Orange and Nerve Damage (and other problems)
4. How to Lower Toxins in Your House? Housplants.

3-21-2018 1. 22 Little Known Dangers of Magnesium Deficiency
2. Opiods?
3. GMOs Revealed
4. Farm Fresh Shopping
1. 6 Different Types Of Headaches (Signs And How To Recognize) 
2. Charcot Marie Tooth Disease (damaged nerves in the feet)
3. What is Behind a Sluggish Thyroid Gland
4. Can we Reinvent Health Care and Reverse Chronic Disease?
4-4-2018 1. Autonomic Neuropathy - What is the Autonomic nervous system?
2. Can I Overdose on Vitamin D?
3. Big Pharma and Natural Cures
4. Dental Problems? Dental Pro 7 does it really work?
4-11-2018 1. RHP  Glucose Support Formula - Now Using Chromax
2. Mineral Waters can Remove Aluminum Toxicity
3. Renew & Protect Your Brain Cells
Radiation & Neuropathy (Nerve Damage)
A side effect of cancer treatments

1. Drug Side Effects: Are they Minor?
2. Hidden Environmental Stresses
by Dr. Eric Berg
3. The Problem with Herbs and Neuropathy
4. How Niacin Lowers Cholesterol   


1. Essential Oils - Plant Medicine for Wellness
2. Eat Vegetables for Health and for Your Heart
3. It is not the Lactic Acid that Causes Sore Muscles
4. Neuropathy, why the pain, the tingling and then numbness?


1. A Better Medicine Cabinet - Natural Remedies
2. Why Most People Need B12 Supplementation (or at least a better diet)
3. The Truth about Neuropathy & Vitamins
4. The Hidden Source of Your Neck and or Shoulder Pain

5-9-2018 1. Essential Oils. Are they safe? 
2. The Pain Scale - be able to communicate the severity of your Pain
3. The Difference Between Drugs and Nutrition Supplements for the treatment of Neuropathy
4. Underlying Causes of a Sluggish Thyroid Gland

1. Tingling, Burning and Pain in Fingers, Hands, Feet, Arms or Legs and Toes
2. A Simple Yet Effective Way to Lower Blood Sugar & Handle Spikes After Eating High Carbohydrate Meals 
3. Essential Oils for Anxiety?
4. How can Eating Fat Lower Your Cholesterol?

5-23-2018 1. What Essential Oil, or Plant Medicine Do We Recommend?
2. Chemotherapy & Neuropathy
3. Impressive Benefits of Lavendar
4. Adrenal Exhaustion a Problem? How to find out? What can you do?
5-30-2018 1. Is it Gluten Sensitivity or...?
2. How to Have Healthy Cholesterol Levels
3. Nerve Damage caused by Toxins
4. What has 43 times more Vitamin C than an orange? What is Camu Camu?
6-6-2018 1. 8 Hidden Toxins: What’s Lurking in Your Cleaning Products?
2. Building Health - What is the Best Diet?
3. Nerve Damage (neuropathy) as a Side Effect of Surgery
4. Vitamin E & B, Wheat Products and Your Heart
6-13-2018 1. Are the Elderly Really Taking Too Many Vitamins?
2. Eliminate decay?
3. What is the Ketogenic Diet?
4. Are you confused about what you’ve been told about Neuropathy?
5. Plant Medicine, natural and it works
6-20-2018 1. Nutritional Deficiencies & ADHD
2. Neuropathy & Statin Drugs

3. For those who take the RHP Nerve Support Formula
4. The Difference Between Drugs and Nutrition Supplements for the treatment of Neuropathy
6-27-2018 1. Toxins in Your Environment - One of the Causes of Bad Health & What you can do.
2. The Truth about Neuropathy & Vitamins
3. Toxins that Cause Nerve Damage (Neuropathy)
4. Risk Factors that Cause Nerve Damage (Neuropathy)
7-4-2018 1. Top 6 Supplements to Help You Remineralize Your Teeth By Dr. Mark Burhenne, DDS
2. Chemotherapy, is it a good option? by Dr. Mercola
3. Cognative and Mood Effects from Ketogenic Diet
4. 10 Quick Ways to Relieve Itchy Red Eyes,
by Suzy Cohen, RPh.
7-11-2018 1. How to Get Rid of a Hangover, Plus 9 Home remedies
2. The 9 Foods that You Should Never Eat (but are thought to be healthy)
3. Neuropathy (nerve damage) as a Side-Effect of Surgery
4. What is Plant Medicine?
7-18-2018 1. Toxins in Breakfast Cereal by Doug Kaufman
2. Are you Confused about What You've Been told about Neuropathy?
3. GMO, Does it Impact your health?
4. Bleeding Gums & Gum Disease
7-25-2018 1. BPA (Bisphenol A)Toxic Effects & Symptoms
2. Cleaning without Toxins
3. Addressing Your Neuropathy, What Can You Do?
4. Acid Reflux (GERD) and your Joints
8-1-2018 1. Chiropractic 101 (for those who need to know)
2. It could be Old Age, or it could be Low B12
An Easy Way to Improve Blood Circulation
4. Nerve Damage from Chemotherapy

1. How to Launch and Epidemic of Addiction
2. Dental Work, Surgery, Implants and Nerve Damage
3. More Confirmation of a Fungus Link to Cancer
4. Magnesium - the Missing Link to Good Health

8-15-2018 1. Insidious Onset (of pain) and what to do?
2. Are Many Fish Oils Synthetic?
3. How to Restore Nerve Health
4. The Diet for Dental Health
8-22-2018 1. Be Careful Out There by Doug Kaufman (Know the
2. Mercury Free Dentists (another Toxin You Don't Need) by Dr. Mercola
3. Signs that the Essential Oil You May Purchase Is Not Going to Deliver Plant Therapy
4. What to Eat for Your Body Type
8-29-2018 1. Genetically Modified Children?
2. Does your Vitamins contain Petrochemicals, Synthetic Ingredients or Toxic fillers?
3. Improving Digestion
4. What is Idiopathic Neuropathy?
9-5-2018 1. Three Ways Stress Can Lead to Addiction
2. A Practical Guide for Avoiding Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion
By Hyla Cass, M.D
3. Hair Loss in Males & Females and their Treatment
4. Amino Acids & Neruopathy
9-12-2018 1. Are you being sold "snake oil"?
2. Unhealthy Gums and Plague Problems.. though you might be interested
3. Health Myths - 8 Fitness 'Tips' That Are Doing More Harm Than Good
4. Hidden Gallbladder Symptoms
9-19-2018 1. Nerve Damage - Why R-Alpha Lipoic and Acetyl L-Carnitine?
2. Neuropathy and it's Causes
3. Reflux, GERD, Heartburn
4. New Restrictions on Painkillers Increase the Illegal Trade of the Drug
9-26-2018 1. Do your Nerves Need Vitamin C?
2. What is the difference between Natural and Synthetic B1?
3. Nerve Damage, You need More than an Antioxideant
4. Once Your Teeth are Decayed, do you have to have them drilled and filled?

1. Dental Work & Surgery Nerve Problems
2. Should You Get a Flu Shot?
article by Doug Kaufman ( and one by Dr. David Williams
3. How to Survive in Spite of a Fast Food Lifestyle
4. Muscle Cramps and How to Get rid of them.


1. Is Turmeric Safe?
2. Alternative to Humira
3. Sensory Neurpathy - When Sensory Nerves are Damaged
4. Essential Oils, a Type of Plant Therapy or Medicine - What is it? How does it work?


1. How to Get Relief from Pain Naturally 
2. What’s Behind the CDC Claiming 80,000 Died From Flu Last Winter?
The Four Causes of Bone Pain
4. Are you Doing Everything You Can for Your Neuropathy?


1. Artificial Sweeteners are Toxic to Gut Bacteria, Study Shows
2. Processed Foods - Why you need to care
3. Hot Flashes, What can you do?
by Dr. Eric Berg
4. What Causes Gallstones?

10-31-18 1. How to Help a Friend Who Has a Drug or Alcohol Addiction
2. Homeopathic & Herbal Remedies. Do they work? Are they safe?
3. Is there any difference between Diabetic Neuropathy and other forms of Neuropathy (nerve damage)?
4. How to Reverse Atherosclerosis (Hardening of the Arteries)?
11-7-18 1. The Ten Most Hazardous Daily Chemical Exposures
The Best Foods for Stress
3. Quiz - Am I doing Everything I can to daily lessen my Neuropathy?
4. Are You Getting Enough Vitamin C
11-14-18 1. What is "bad food"?
2. Does Exercise Lower Blood Pressure
3. Amazing Electrolytes for your Health
4. Addressing Your Neuropathy, What Can You Do?
11-21-18 1. Two-Thirds of Appendectomies May Be Unnecessary
2. Healthy Recipes for Thanksgiving
3. Myth Busters - Dental Health by Stephen Lin, Dentist
4. Building Health at a Cellular Level
11-28-18 1. Need a Stocking Stuffer? Or a Unique Gift?
2. Antibiotic Resistance
3. Beware GMO Potatoes
New Study Shows Further Scientific Evidence for Narconon Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program
12-5-18 1. Why neuropathy can feel worse during the holiday season?
2. What to Do After Taking Antibiotics
3. All Calories are Not Alike - New Study Reveals Low-Carb Diets Burn More Calories
4. Essential Mist? - are essential oils about the fragrance or its properties?
12-12-18 1. Evidence-Based Homeopathic Family Medicine
2. Gum Problems? 
3. Do Drugs Save Lives?
4. How to Get Through the Holidays - recipes for foods you can enjoy during the holidays, without the sugar

1. Are we Overmedicating Kids with Addictive Drugs?
2. What Causes Paresthesia Abnormal Nerve Sensation?
Why Diabetics Need to Decrease the Need for Insulin
4. Tired during the Day?

12-26-18 1. Even the Mayo Clinic says Chronic Sinus problems are a fungal infection.
6 Causes of Depression (and the Most Common One)
3. 10 Tips to Healthy Holiday Eating
4. 7 Tricks to Imprve Your Memory


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