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1. New Year's Resolutions
2. Scant Evidence Behind the Advice about Salt
3. Is Your Health Being Affected by an Undiagnosed Mold Toxicity
4. The Logic, Wisdom and Scientific Evidence for the Homeopathic Treatment of Influenza


1. Replace Dangerous Oils With Healthy Fats
2. Is Coffee Bad for the Liver?
3. Is there any difference between Diabetic Neuropathy and other forms of Neuropathy?
4. Why Chiropactic? Chiropractic 101


1. A Fun Fact about "Salt" by Dr. Stephen Price
2. Dr Berg Reacts to Jullian Michaels Keto Confusion
3. Processed Foods - What does it mean? Why is it a problem to your health?
4. What is Reflux/Heartburn, and what is GERD?



1. 5 Ways Caregivers Can Share Yoga With Seniors
2. Tooth Decay and Deminerazation of the Teeth
3. Losing Your Hair Color Prematurely Do These 2 Things Now
4. The Truth About Neuropathy & Vitamins



1. Do you want to take a Supplement that Include Herbs? - What you should know.
2. Seasonal Allergies... coming soon
3. Is Stress Making you to Eat Sugar? Why?
4. B Vitamin Deficiency and Neuropathy



1. Top Tips to Avoid Pharmaceutical Injury
2. Sometimes It Requires More Patience to Build Healthy Nerves 
3. Tooth Truth - Healthy Teeth 
4. A Simple Fix for Heartburn



1. How to Avoid the Bug That’s Going Around
2. Unhealthy Gums and Plaque Problems... thought you may be interested
Neuropathy, why the pain, the tingling and the numbness?
4. B Vitamins Are Important for the Prevention of Cognitive Decline



1. Reducing the Drug Addiction Epidemic—What Every American Can Do
2. Sleep Apnea, what is it? What can be done
3. Could a Root Canal Be the Cause of Your Chronic Health Problem? 
4. Neuropathy, A Diabetic Side Effect: How to Decrease or Eliminate This Problem



1. Top 12 Foods for Healthy Immune Response
2. Another Myth - Synthetic Vitamins will make you healthy

3. Sciatica Pain - A natural solution
4. Vaccine Related Side Effects Including Nerve Damage



1. Researchers Call for Immediate Revision of Sun Avoidance Recommendations
2. Vitamin C Lowers Blood Sugar Levels and Blood Pressure in Type 2 Diabetes
3. Processed Foods Lead to Early Death by Dr. Mercola
4. Bacterial & Viral Causes of Neuropathy (Nerve Damage) and what can be done.



1. Nearly Half of American Adults Have Cardiovascular Disease
2. Dental Painkillers, Young Patients and Addiction
3. Cancer and Toxins
4. Are you confused about what you’ve been told about Neuropathy?



1. Chemo is "Invisible Threat " To Cancer Clinic Staff What about the patient? by Doug Kaufman, Know the Cause
2. Neuropathy? Things to Add to Your Supplements that Can Help
3. Understanding Net Carbs
4. Toxins in Your Environment



1. Medications with Side Effects of Neuropathy
2. Kidney Stones including prevention and remedies
CBD Oil Benefits & Function
4. What's in vaccines? The CDC will tell you.



1. Allergy Sufferers Sometimes “Overlook the Obvious”
2. Summer Health
- Get Ready
3. Jittery Feeling from Too Much Coffee? - What to do
4. PhytoNutrients - so important



1. The Keto Diet - for Health - Get a Free Diet Plan 
2. What Does the "best evidence" Say About Antidepressants
3. Calcium/Magnesium is good for your nerves. 
4. Lowering Blood Pressure: The Medications and the Natural Treatments



1. Tired all the time? The solution might be here
2. 80% of American's are Insulin Resistant and Don't know it. What that means to your health.
3. Health Benefits of Food
4. Tingling, Burning and Pain in Fingers, Hands, Feet, Arms or Legs and Toes



1.The Many Similarities Between Cancer and Fungus
2. Do you Struggle to Eat Enough Vegetables?
3. Peripheral neuropathy: an underdiagnosed cause of erectile dysfunction
4. What causes loss of balance with Nerve Damage? What can you do?



1. Why do we need Probiotics?
2. Ingredients in Non-Organic Foods can Hurt You
3. Seven Reasons to See a Chiropractor Doctor
What is Nerve Health? What is Needed for Nerve Health?



1. Elderberry Compounds Inhibit Flu Virus Entry and Replication in Human Cells
2. Hidden Gallbladder Symptoms
3. Phytonutrients - More About
What Does the Body Need in Order to Restore Nerve Health (Build Healthy Nerves)



1. Allergies, how to get natural relief
2. Statins and Neuropathy
Vertigo Causes & Treatments (including at home treatments)
4. Top 9 Signs of a Vitamin B1 Deficiency



1. Top 12 Health Benefits of Walking
2. Antibiotic use can Increase Nerve Damage Risk
3. Vitamin B1 Thiamine Deficiency The Great Imitator of Other Illnesses
4. Top 8 Tips to Optimize Your Blood Sugar Level



1. What Attracts Mosquitoes and How to Repel Them
2. Are you feeding your illness or building health?
3. How to Sleep Deep and Wake Up Refreshed
4. Are you getting enough Zinc?


6-5-2019 1. Mold and Mycotoxin, Illness Explained
2. Lowering Blood Pressure: The Medications and the Natural Treatments
Gallbladder Problems, Gallstones and what do you do if don't have a gallbladder
4.The Healthy Keto Diet for Beginners: Your Quick Start Guide (Yes, the real Keto Diet)


1. Why they say Keto is bad?
2. In case there was any Question About Processed Foods
3. Cereals, are they healthy?
4. Why Boosting your Metabolism does NOT work.
6-19-2019 1. How to Spot an Alcohol Problem
2. Cleaning without Toxins (and other products withoug toxins)
3. The Difference Between Drugs and Nutrition Supplements for the treatment of Neuropathy
4. What Are Statin Drug Side Effects?  

1. Why Addicts Need Rehab by Ren
2. Are you Getting enough Vitamin C to Protect your body from illness and disease?
3. The Science Behind Using Supplements for nerve damage
4. The Missing Nutrient in Hair Nails and Skin



1. Are Thieves Products (essential oils) Really Safe?
2. How to use the top 10 medicinal plants and herbs
3. How do Deficiencies Can Create Disease
4. Eggs are a real Health Food - How to know which ones to eat

1. Is Coffee Good for you?
2. Simple Foods that Can Help Neuropathy
3. Confused About What to Take for Neuropathy Relief?
4. Trouble with Intermittent Fasting?
7-17-2019 1. Statins and Nerve Damage (Peripheral Neuropathy): An Overlooked Side Effect
2. What you need for Summer - Non-Toxic Products
3. Why is it important to read the literature that comes with Your Medication
4. B Vitamin Deficiency and Neuropathy
7-24-2019 1. Atlanta introduces smoking and vaping ban (and reasons why) by Dr. Mercola
2. Hidden Environmental Stress by Dr. Eric Berg
3. The Cause of Your Neuropathy, is it Unknown?
4. Nutrition & Health – What is Good Nutrition?
7-31-2019 1. Looking for a Weight Loss/Get Healthy Diet but feel that Keto is not for you?
2. "I am severely ill, and My Doctors Say There is Nothing Wrong with Me"
3. Cholesterol does not cause heart disease
4. Nerve Damage caused by Cancer Treatments
8-7-2019 1. Chemical sunscreens are even worse than we thought
2. Macular Degeneration - Using Diet to Treat & Avoiding the Problem
Foods to Avoid on Healthy Keto
Will it Interfere with the Other Things I'm taking?
8-14-2019 1. How to Slow Down the Aging Process
2. The "Internet" Keto Diet
3. Nerve Damage due to Dental Surgery, Dental Implants and Dental Work
4. Unhealthy Teeth and Gums - what can you do?

1.  9 Popular Drugs Linked to Dementia and Memory Loss
2. Fatty Liver? How to reverse
3. Confused About What to Take for Neuropathy Relief?
4. What is motor nerve damage? What symptoms does it have? What problems does it create and what to do.

8-28-2019 1. How's Your Back? - Find out about Back Support & More
2. Is Keto just a fad? Is there healthy Keto?
3. Study Links Prolonged Use Of Heartburn & Ulcer Medications With Vitamin Deficiency
4. Are there Irreversible Drug Side Effects?
9-4-2019 1. Almost Everyone Needs Immune System Support
2. Everything About Neuropathy
Common OTC drugs can cause dementia
4. Understanding the Menstrual Cycle & Estrogen
9-11-2019 1. The Hidden Dangers of Excess Iron
2. The Immune System, why is it so important?
3. Dr Berg's Most Effective Remedies - Building Health
4. What is the Best Pillow? (Plus the 5 dangers of conventional pillows)
9-18-2019 1. Do Older Bodies Have to Lose Muscle Mass?
2. Essential Amino Acids - do you get enough Protein?

3. The Hidden Source of Your Neck and or Shoulder Pain
4. The Natural Milk that Offers Unique Health Benefits
9-25-2019 1. What happens during an Overdose and What you Can do about It
2. Camel Milk has Beneficial Effects for Diabetes & Insulin Resistance
3. How to Prevent Osteoporosis
by Dr. Mercola
4. What are Telomeres and why are they are Important in Anti-Aging
10-2-2019 1. Vitamins, Not Drugs
2. Neuropathy, why the pain, the tingling and the numbness?
3. Stress and Your Immune System
4. Confused About What to Take for Neuropathy Relief?

1. Skin Conditions? - relief at the cellular level
2. ADA (American Diabetes Association) finally says that low carb diet is Beneficial for Diabetes
3. What makes Most Foods Dangerous? What toxins?
4. Toxins that Cause Nerve Damage (Neuropathy)

10-16-2019 1. Nerve problems? How can you achieve Nerve Health?
2. Are Psychiatric Drugs Addictive?
What is behind Thyroid Nodules?
4. Your Immune System and Beta Glucan
10-23-2019 1. Fish Oil - Good or Bad?
2. Do you take Zantac?
3. Suicide and Murder - Side Effects of Medication?
Tingling in Fingers, Hands, Feet, or Legs and Toes
10-30-2019 1. Protection from the Flu
2. Is It Possible to Improve Blood Circulation?
3. What is Peppermint Oil? Why is it so popular?
4. Neuralgia or Nerve Pain, what is it and what can you do
11-6-2019 1.  Why Your Blood Tests Keep Showing as Normal? by Dr. Eric Berg
2. Why Do Drug Companies Love Long Lists of Side Effects?
by Joe Graedon, pharmacologist
3. Neuropathy, What is it?  What can be done?
4. Causes of Hair Growth Problems and a Remedy
11-13-2019 1. The Dark Side of Cortisone Shots: Joint Deterioration
2. Higher Learning without Substance Abuse - What can you do?
3. The Key to Long Term Weight Loss
4. Gum Disease - Do hormones affect this problem?
11-20-2019 1. A Completely New and Unexpected Statin Side Effect
2. Toxic Cleaning: Dangers of Bleach
3. Right-sided Abdominal Pain after Eating?
4. New Study on Dietary Changes and Depression Symptoms
11-27-2019 1. What are the risks for Alzheimer's & Dementia
2. The Effects of Soda and Low-nutrient Foods on Children's Behavior,
by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
3. British Medical Journal Study on Reversing Tooth Decay
4. E Cigarette (Vaping) Deaths and Resulting Bans - Exploring the Controversy
12-4-2019 1. Your Digestive System and How it Works
2. The Most Common and Worst Way to Treat Arthritis
3. Flavanols In Cocoa: Warm and Comforting Health Boosters by Dr. M. Lam, MD
4. The Real Cause Behind School Shootings
12-11-2019 1. A Totally Unexpected Finding - Ketogenic Diet Protects Against Influenca A Virus Infection
2. What should you Eat to Fight Acne?
3. The Hidden Dangers of Vegetable Oil
4. Why do you feel Tingling in Fingers, Hands, Feet, Arms or Legs and Toes
12-18-2019 1. The Purpose of Potassium
2. 6 Dangers of Conventional Cookware
Get a Head Start on Your New Year’s Resolutions
SWOLLEN GUMS – Symptoms, Causes and Treatments
5. How Did I Get a Fungal Infection
12-25-2019 1. Holiday Woes - What to do if you know you will eat too many carbs (sugar)?
10 Tips to Healthy Holiday Eating
3. Tis the Season - What are antibiotics & natural antibiotics?
4. What does Adrenal Stress have to do with your sleep?


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