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1. The Basis of Disease:  Louis Pasteur vs. Antoine Bechamp:  Know the True Causes of Disease
Improve Your Health Without Drugs
3. What to eat for dental health?
4. Strategies to Prevent Influenza


1. It could be Old Age, or it could be Low B12
2. How Antibiotics Destroy Your Immune System
3. The Health Benefits of Zinc
4. How do Vaccines Work?


1. Washing Away Health?
Targeting the Immune System Could Prevent Neuropathic Pain
3. Are vitamins dangerous?
4. How do Drugs Create Side Effects?

1-22-2020 1. The Chronic Inflammatory Response Caused by Mold and Mycotoxins By Dr. Susan Tanner, MD
2. Developing Good Eating Habits for Your Kids
3. Tooth Truth
4. Causes of Neuropathy - How do You Get Nerve Damage?
1-29-2020 1. Good Nutrition - 4 Secrets You Should Know for Your Next Grocery Trip
2. Case study reveals how cognitive decline can be reversed
3. Help for Gum Disease & Periodontal Disease
The Biggest Barrier to Recovery & Healing

1. The Hidden Danger of Excess Iron
2. The Importance of Immunity
3. Top Anti-Inflammatory Foods and Supplements
4. Healthy Keto Basics Start Here

2-12-2020 1. Are Egg Yolks Unhealthy?
2. The Importance of Melatonin for Optimal Health and how to get it
3. The Viruses and What to Do
4. What Are the Health Benefits of Coffee and Chocolate?
2-19-2020 1. How to Raise or Lower Your Dementia Risk Through Diet
2. Heart Health, Information You Need to Know
3. Eat More Magnesium Foods and You'll Feel a Lot Better
Nerve Health - What does the Body need to Create Healthy Nerve Function and Conductivity

1. Another Good Reason to Eat Leafy Greens, Avocados & Eggs
2. We know certain foods can cause inflammation, but are we missing something?
3. Atherosclerosis May Not Be About Too Much Cholesterol
4. Sunscreen Safety Questioned Yet Again  

3-4-2020 1. Following MCVitamins
2. Deceptive Labels and Sneaky Hidden Ways to Make Sugar Look Healthy
3. For Seniors - How to Decide If Independent Living Fits Into Your Future
4. Think Differently about Treating Neuropathy Pain (or any pain)
3-11-2020 1. Boosting your Immune System
2. Bullet Proof Your Immune System
3. The Food we Eat is Important
4. Organic vs Inorganic Minerals the Biggest Confusion
Genetically Engineered Foods
3-18-2020 1. Trace Minerals are back and enhanced
2. An updated Neruopathy Quiz
3. Best Tip for Figuring out Health Issues
4. Turn off your Anxiety with this
3-25-2020 1. MCVitamins - We are here for you
2. Medical Treatment Versus Chiropractic Care
3. Vitamin C Immune Benefits?
4. What dental problems do you have?
4-1-2020 1. Zinc Deficiency Symptoms - a needed trace mineral
2. Mitochondria & Energy
3. The Thyroid, problems, symptoms and what causes them
4. The Truth About Drugs - Working to Create a Drug Free World
4-8-2020 1. More Good News
2. Getting Fat Sitting at Home?
3. Coronavirus and Vitamin D - Important
4. In Simple Language - What is this Cytokine Storm?
  1. It's Spring - Allergies are blooming
2. Information you want to know about Neuropathy (also in Espanol)
3. Is your Anxiety, Stress and Worry coming from Missing Gut Microbes?
4. The Truth About Drugs
4-15-2020 1. Education for a Drug Free World
2. Immunity, what does it mean
3. Inflammation, a new disease or a symptom4
4. Elderberry - is it evidenced-based?
4-22-2020 1. Have you taken a "neuropathy formula" in the past and not gotten results?
. More about Your Immunity to Infections Disease
3. 8 Best Foods for you Lungs
4. What are antibiotics? Natural Antibiotics?
4-29-2020 1. Convid-19 in the Fall? More suggestions to build your immune system
2. What Causes Austism?
3. This Food Helps You Sleep Better
4. What is Good Health?
5-6-2020 1. Nerve Damage - Why R-Alpha Lipoic and Acetyl L-Carnitine
2. Stress & You Immune System
3. Newly Discovered Gut-to-Brain Connection Drives Sugar Cravings
4. Vaccination: Flu Shots or Virus Protection Shots
5-13-2020 1. Sleep Like a Baby
2. Foods and Supplements that Support Your Immune System
3. Vitamin D Level Is Directly Correlated to COVID-19 Outcome
Neuropathy, why the pain, the tingling and the numbness?
5-20-2020 1. Create Immunity through your Own Antibodies
2. Will Warmer Temperatures & Humidity Reduce Infection Rate
3. The Problem of Opioid Medications & addiction
4. Neuralgia or Nerve Pain
5-27-2020 1. Viral Infections and Nerve Damage. What you should know
2. Minimizing Your Mold Exposure at Home and From Your Indoor Air to Preserve Good Health
3. What is Beta-Glucans?
4. What can be done about Dental Problems?
6-3-2020 1. Lower Back Pain?
2. Nerve Damage Caused by Immune Response to the Virus
3. What is best for Immunity when you have an Underlying Health Condition?
Help for Gum Disease & Periodontal Disease
6-10-2020 1. Can Splashing Listerine on Shingles Ease Lingering Pain?
2. The Benefits of Salt for the Immune System
3. What Happens to your Teeth & Gums? and What Can be Done?
Chemotherapy & Neuropathy (Nerve Damage)
6-17-2020 1. Viruses Love Sugar
2. The Science Behind Using Supplements for nerve damage.
3. Damaged Cell Receptors and Diabetes
What You Can Do to Boost the Effectiveness of Vitamin C
6-24-2020 1. Diabetic Ulcers - An effective natural solution
2. 5 surprising benefits of walking
How to Correct Your Constipation
4. Do you like Salt on your Food?
7-1-2020 1. Magnesium and K2 Optimize Your Vitamin D Supplementation
Why "Low Fat" Diets are Incorrect and Dangerous to Your Health
3. What are nutritional deficiencies and what do they do to your health?
4. How to Get Your Thyroid to Work Better  
7-8-2020 1. Improving Blood Circulation
Underlying Causes of Diabetic "Complications"
3. Low Levels of Vitamins B12 and D Linked to Depression
Success in Handling the Nerve Damage of Neuropathy
7-15-2020 1. How to Increase Your Immunity with a free Course. Educate yourself.
Understanding Dental Problems & Solutions
3. The Truth About Drugs Facts
Diabetic Health
7-22-2020 1. Spread a Smile!
2. The 8 Health Benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid
What to expect when taking Natural vitamins - Whole Food Vitamins
4. The Nerve Cell & the Nervous System - What is a Healthy Nerve?
7-29-2020 1. Quercetin’s Anti-Viral Capacity
2. What do you want to know about Neuropathy (nerve damage)?
3. Gingivitis, Gum Health Linked to Heart & Prostate Disorders
4. Opioid Use and Abuse
8-5-2020 1. What causes the high blood sugar levels in Type 2 Diabetes?
2. What is Stressing you out? What can you do?
3. Beta Glucan - immunity for those with underlying health issues
4. Dental Pro 7 New Product
8-12-2020 1. Dental Pro 7 in the UK & EU?
2, Why Camel Milk?
3. L-Carnitine & Heart Health
4. When Vitamin B12 Deficiency Causes Mental Confusion
8-19-2020 1. How to Bulletproof Your Immune System
2. Is Nerve Damage The Rule, Not the Exception With Cholesterol Meds?
3. For Spanish Speaking Friends: Drug Free World in Spanish
4. The Diet for Dental Health or What to eat for a Healthier Mouth

1. Meal Replacement Shakes for When There Aren’t Enough Hours in the Day to Cook
2. Weight Loss & Your Health
3. Toxins that Cause Neuropathy (Nerve Damage)
4. Camel Milk - what are people saying?

9-2-2020 1. The Germ Theory and Your Health
2. The Most Potent Antifungal Foods (from Know the Cause)
3. Surprising Finding with Fibromyalgia
4. The Nerve Cell & the Nervous System - What is a Healthy Nerve?
9-9-2020 1. Why is Cod Liver Oil so healthy?
2. Natural Ways to Prevent the Spread of Germs for Kids Going Back to School
3. A Pinched Nerve, how it creates nerve damage? What to do
4. Vitamins, not Drugs
9-16-2020 1. Handling Fatigue; Helping your Adrenal Glands
“Food” Ingredients That Causes Nerve Damage
3. What causes dental problems?
4. Is Coffee Bad for You? Facts vs. Fiction
9-23-2020 1. Improving Blood Circulation
2. The Incredible-Edible Egg
3. Omega 3s linked to lower risk of gum disease
Good Bacteria Fights the Flu
9-30-2020 1. Is your health issue due to adrenal fatigue?
Confused About What to Take for Neuropathy Relief?
3. Are you Deficient in Magnesium?
Your Digestive System and How it Works
10-7-2020 1. Get the Benefits of Dairy without the Lactose Problem
2. Tired of Being Medicated?   Restore Health to Your Nerves
3. Treating Pain With Cannabis: Pro and Con
4. Antibiotics vs. Natural Antibiotics
5. A New Scientific Study, What does it mean?
10-14-2020 1. Another Attack on Herbs by Suzy Cohen, Pharmacist
2. 10 Lies & Misconceptions Spread by Mainstream Nutrition
3. The Gum Disease Conspiracy
4. Are you confused about what you’ve been told about Neuropathy?   
10-21-2020 1.  Dr. Weston Price and Curing Tooth Decay
2. Why are Electrolytes so important to your Health?
3. Could the majority Already be Immune Against SARS-CoV-2?
4. Bacterial & Viral Causes of Neuropathy (Nerve Damage) and what can be done
10-28-2020 1. Has Fungus Ever Been Misdiagnosed as Cancer
2. Medications with a Side Effect of Neuropathy or Nerve Damage
3. Skin Relief?
Discover the Underlying Cause of Skin Problems
4. What can you do for you Immunity when you have an underlying Health Condition?


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