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Cardiovascular System - The Whole Picture

By Mike Spearman, D.C.

A poorly nourished body will have a sick cardiovascular system. The Standard American Diet (SAD) provides a poorly nourished body.

High blood pressure, taking ANY heart related medication, heart murmurs, almost all heart defects (doctors will tell you that you were born with it or it is genetic), arrhythmias (unevenness) of the heart beat, angina pectoris pain in the left or central chest that may extend into the left neck and jaw or extend down the left inner arm), congestive heart failure, fibrillations (rapid incomplete ineffective contractions of one or more of the four chambers of the heart, atherosclerosis (large arteries affecting the middle muscle layer of the artery structure) or arteriosclerosis (affecting the walls of the small arteries with thickening, loss of elasticity and loss of contractility), infections (parasitic, fungal, viral, or fungal) of any kind in the heart or arteries and more fancy diagnosis are almost all remedied by specialized nutrition and an ideal diet or prevented by appropriate diet for one's entire life not just for the moment. 

The cardiovascular system provides the nutrients for creating energy, cell structure and the flow of wastes out of the body. This flow out of the body is accomplished by a branch of the cardiovascular system, called the lymphatic system. It gathers the wastes and eventually all the lymphatic flow is dumped into the cardiovascular system for further processing and elimination.

When the body takes in; refined food, synthetic vitamins and altered foods; the cardiovascular system is stressed and degenerates slowly over decades. This slow degeneration is why the first symptom of cardiovascular trouble can be a serious stroke or heart attack.

The body's vascular system is 100,000 miles long. Almost all of that length is in the form of capillaries invisible to the naked eye. These miniscule transporters bring blood and nutrients directly to the trillions of cells that make up the body.

Artery and capillary repair, increases the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood and benefits the muscles of the heart and arteries. By improving oxygen metabolism in the blood, one's exercise tolerance is improved.

Dr. Mike Spearman
Spearman Better Health Center
(323) 663-1066 
email: drmikess@yahoo.com  


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