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Educated at Brooklyn College CUNY Pre-Med, went on to study nutrition and health due to the number of degenerative diseases where the person needs to build health. This website delivers education in the workable science so people can make informed decisions.

Biologics, What are they?

If you watch TV at all, I’m sure you’ve heard the drug company commercials about Biologics? Sounds like natural healing? What is a biologic?  How is it made and why are there so many side effects connected with something that sounds natural? Read: Biologics, What are they?

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Eye Problem – what you can do.

So often this area of your health is ignored until it gets bad enough to get glasses and then gets worse and you are given the choice of surgery either laser or knife. Well, there is always something that can be done about building health, and eyes are not different. Find out about Eye Health

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Hip & Knee Joints, Why They Wear Out

Have you noticed how many people are getting knee and hip replacements.  It is gaining support and someone with a lot of pain, is very happy with the fact that they now don’t have any pain. Of course, it never addressed the reason that joints wear out.  Since knee replacements are often followed by hip

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Remove Harmful Toxins from Your Environment

Toxins can find their way into your body in many different ways.  They can cause all sorts of health issues.   I even found a study that showed that MS might be from heavy metal toxicity.  See study Here is a start – a page to help you to Rid Toxins from Your Environment  

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What is Autism? What can be done?

Autism is much talked about and effects 1 in every 45 children.   There is a broad spectrum of symptoms and types of autism and it has grown due to this.  There are a lot of theories about what causes it. But is it something that can be addressed with diet that WILL make a

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Buying Less Expensive Supplements – Is It Worth It?

I’ve talked to people who wind up looking for a cheaper variation of a supplement as they feel that the one they read about was too expensive. It makes sense to the person to take that supplement but they felt it cost too much. Is this a smart thing to do? An interesting question?   Find

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What is the Essential Oil Called Thieves???

This is a special blend of oils.   Why is it called Thieves? The story of this blend of oils all centers around one event, the Bubonic Plague. During that time, there were four thieves who went from house to house to rob those who had died of the plague. After these thieves were captured and

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