10 Day Transformation

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10 Day Transformation Diet

How this diet works:  

The regular American diet is full of processed foods with additives and preservatives.  The purpose of the diet is to give your body a 10 day break from that. The product will cleanse, detox, and reset your metabolism.  

It helps you by breaking your addiction to food, and re-sets your metabolism.  

Three easy to use products. 

The products you take are vegan as well as GMO free, soy free and dairy free with no artificial sweeteners or flavors and no binders, fillers or synthetics.  The products are made by the company - Purium Health Products with manufacturing quality.

Support as part of your purchase:

Their is a naturopathic doctor on call

Live support line, two live calls a day 

Text and email coaching and motivation


Its not expensive as you replace your food bill for 10 days.  It detoxifies your system.  You take a break from regular processed diet. 

Cheaper than other products - it cost $3-5 a pound with this diet as well as re-seting your metabolism.  Weight Watchers cost $97 a pound, and Nutrisystem costs $130-139 a pound  

You can lose 5-20 pounds in just 10 days which is 9 times as fast as the most popular program. 


Part of your purchase is a  Support Package which includes: 

Transformation Support Guide

Instructional Online Video from creator David Sandoval

PLUS, FREE Shipping & Handling in the Continental U.S. via FedEx Ground

Bad points:  We haven't found one, but haven't worked with the program to make that decision. . 

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