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Total Health  

From Dr. Stephen Price




Dr. Price delivers the highest level of nutritional and chiropractic analysis and correction with simplified, effective handlings available for most health concerns. 

Dr. Stephen Price

Our Total Health Care Center offers:

·                        CHIROPRACTIC

·                        MASSAGE

·                        METABOLISM

·                        HORMONAL SOLUTIONS

·                        WEIGHT LOSS

·                        NUTRITIONAL

·                        LOWER BACK

·                        HEADACHES

·                        EXERCISE REHAB

·                        PERSONAL TRAINERS

·                        X-RAYS

·        HOUSE & SET CALLS



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By Dr. Stephen Price

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Lose Ten Pounds Now

Your body weight is based on the amount of food that you eat every day and then the amount of energy (calories) that you burn.  If you consume more food than you use – you gain weight. If your body uses more energy than you eat, it uses stored energy and you lose weight.

Here’s my Simple Plan to Lose Ten Pounds Now

Eat six to seven times a day.  If you eat small meals throughout the day, it raises your metabolism. 

I suggest several apples a day, for a few of those meals.

You should eat only when you are hungry.  You should eat only enough so that in a few hours you will need to eat again. You are trying to get the body to run just below the amount of calories you need to maintain your weight, and then you will drop pounds!

Eat only when you are hungry and just enough to get by.

Eat what you want to eat, just eat less of it.  Eat 1/4 to 1/3 of a normal meal.  Remember, you are going to eat again in a few hours.  It is NOT what you eat, but how many calories you actually consume. 

Increase your exercise. Walk at least 20 minutes once a day and twice a day, when you can.  Ideally exercise for an hour each day and include three sessions of resistive exercise each week, such as weight lifting, sit-ups, pull-ups, lunges and squats.  Increasing your muscle increases your metabolism.  Recruit a friend to exercise with you.

Keep an Eye on Your Progress

Write down what, when and how much you eat and exercise to help you to be aware of these factors.  If you like you can track your calories; there are simple internet tools that can help you.  Weigh yourself each morning and write it down.  As you do this, think over the day before. What helped you to gain or lose weight?  What will you change today or repeat from yesterday, so that you lose today.


Detoxify your Body

Start a high quality, comprehensive cleansing program. Excess waste can be preventing the absorption and utilization of nutrients.  We have a very thorough and effective two-week cleansing package. The purpose is to cleanse the colon and liver, helping you to lose your extra pounds and break habits that lead to weight gain. It’s a great trigger to start off your new eating plans!  Call the office to order our liver cleansing program.  Commit to a two-week cleaning for your body and pounds will come off more easily!


My book, ABOVE ALL DIETS, is now available for $20 plus shipping.  Giving you the data and then actual drilling to help you to achieve your weight loss goals. Email us back or call the office today and have it shipped.

Schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Price for weight loss. 

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Find out about "Not Losing Weight to Get Healthy, But Getting Healthy to Lose Weight"

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