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Beverly Hills Diet

How this diet works: 

This diet recommends eating fruit by itself and never eating protein with carbohydrates in order for food to be properly digested and not stored as body fat. Begins with a 35-day plan that gives specific items to be eaten at each meal, without counting calories or grams of fat. In the first 10 days, only fruit is permitted; on day 11 carbohydrates and butter are added; on day 19, protein is added. Fatty treats are permitted. 

Good points:

If you detest counting calories and are sick of eating low-fat foods, this plan may be for you. Initial weight loss can be rapid, and many people like following a very structured menu plan. 

Bad points:

The Beverly Hills Diet relies on limiting meal guidelines. It's low in protein and several vital vitamins and minerals. May cause diarrhea. 

Duration: 35 days, but can be repeated. 

More information about this diet:

You can't stay on the diet and go to restaurants.   It is possible, however during the later parts of the diet.   Wine and champagne are allowed but limited.   Caffeine is not allowed and you have to buy special foods.  You can't be a vegetarian on this diet.

 For the book: The New Beverly Hills Diet: The latest weight-loss research that explains a conscious food-combining program for LIFELONG SLIMHOOD


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