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Blood Type Diet

How this diet works: 

Each of the four blood types has a very detailed list of foods that must be avoided, based on the premise that blood type has its own unique antigen marker that reacts in a negative way with certain foods. Also, individuals have varying levels of stomach acidity and digestive enzymes, and these traits seem to be correlated with blood type. You must purchase the book to figure out what you can and cannot eat; you also need to know your blood type. 

Good points:

If you like following a set list of foods that you can and cannot eat, this diet may be for you. Specific guidelines are given for foods, amounts and timing of meals. Weight loss will result from restricting your food intake.  

Bad points:

This plan is unrealistic if members of one family have different blood types, causing them to each follow a completely different diet. Each plan unnecessarily eliminates specific groups of foods, which can result in nutrient deficiency.   Need to supplement in this case. 

Duration: Indefinite 

More information about this diet:

You work out meals when you go to restaurants.   Alcohol & caffeine are okay for certain of the blood types.    You have to buy foods that go with your blood type.   It would be difficult to cook meals for a family unless they were the same blood type.    It is hard for vegetarians as food limitations are difficult for some blood types. 

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