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Bob Green Diet 

How this diet works:  

He is touted as Oprah's trainer.   Dieters eat three meals and up to two snacks a day. Itís important to set a meal schedule where you stop eating at least two hours before bedtime. Cardio workouts start at 50-75 minutes per week in phase 2 and build to 100-125 minutes in phase 3. Strength training exercises donít begin until phase 4 when abdominal muscles are stronger and good eating habits are firmly in place. (Thatís because weight lifting can cause an increase in appetite.)

Good Points   

Thereís in-depth coverage of many behavioral issues, particularly emotional eating if this is a problem for you. Keeping a journal helps pinpoint feelings attached to overeating.  (They don't mention that this is usually due to the body needing some nutrition, but you can probably pinpoint that too)

Bad Points   

Exercise equipment (dumbbells and benches) might require a health club fee  Restaurants usually arenít careful about fat or portion sizes, so itís best to avoid them. .  Dieters can e-mail Greene with questions, but answers are directed at dieters as a group ó not individuals.

Duration: Forever. This is all about making permanent changes in the way you eat and exercise.

Book:    The Best Life Diet Revised and Updated


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