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Cabbage Diet

How this diet works 

Eat as much cabbage soup as you desire for seven days and lose 10 to 15 pounds. The recipe varies slightly, but basically includes a variety of low-calorie vegetables such as cabbage, onions and tomatoes, flavored with bouillon, onion soup mix and tomato juice. Each day of the seven-day program has specific foods that must be eaten, including potatoes, fruit juice, many vegetables, and on one day, beef. 

Good points:

You'll lose weight quickly and can eat as much as you want of the prescribed foods. 

Bad points:

Many people who have tried this diet report feeling light-headed and weak, and notice a decrease in ability to concentrate. The diet is too low in complex carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals to continue for an extended period of time. 

Duration: One week 

More information about this diet:

You cannot get the food at restaurants and alcohol is not allowed.  You can drink coffee or tea with the soup and it is encouraged.   It is okay for a vegetarian, but on some days your are asked to eat 10-20 ounces of beef.

The New Cabbage Soup Diet

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