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How this diet works

Founder Gary Heavin believes that with the right amount of exercise, you can easily maintain a healthy appetite without too much restriction.   You workout at a Curves fitness center three times a week and choose from a low calorie or low carb diet plan    For carb sensitive dieters there is an Atkin's like system.  For Calorie sensitive dieters there is a 1200 calorie diet that transitions to 1600 calories.  Menu's give dieters the right food choices.  

Good points    

It's a weight loss plan tailored toward women   You work out at centers and you can  interact with each others. Online communities, not affiliated with the company, have also sprung up on several Internet sites.  Eating out is OK, as long as you plan ahead and use commonsense strategies to keep portions under control. 

Bad points  

It's pricey. Enrollment fees are often discounted or waived, but the monthly stipend can run $50 or more. Fees vary depending on the location and your individual contract.   Franchise owners are trained at headquarters by nutrition and fitness professionals. Fitness or nutrition credentials arenít required.


The underlying message is not about behavior change but about building muscle  Phase one takes 1 to 2 weeks; phase 2 lasts until you reach your target weight. Dieters follow phase 3 as needed for maintenance.

Book:  Curves: Permanent Results Without Permanent Dieting

Find out about "Not Losing Weight to Get Healthy, But Getting Healthy to Lose Weight"

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