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How this diet works: 

It includes a wide variety of weight loss methods to help you lose an average two pounds per week. Start with a personalized meal plan, receive customized shopping lists, participate in online chats with health professionals such as physicians, counselors and dietitians and receive daily email tips and guidance. 

Good points:

eDiets.com is convenient, personalized and private. You can join whenever you like and ask questions of other members as well as the online professionals. Receive support without the hassle of fitting yet another meeting into your schedule. This program focuses is on realistic, healthy changes that lead to long-term weight maintenance. 

Bad points:

A long-term commitment to exercise and eating changes is encouraged, so this is not good if you want to loose 10 lbs fast.


More information about this diet:

You can eat at restaurants and caffeine and alcohol are allowed.   It is okay for vegetarians.  If you are looking for a new health lifestyle this is a good place to go.

 Book:   eDiets: Weight Loss Solutions and Daily Progress Journal


Find out about "Not Losing Weight to Get Healthy, But Getting Healthy to Lose Weight"

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