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Eight Minutes in the Morning 

How the diet works:  

Diets do not work.  To lose pounds, dieters build muscle to rev metabolism. Eight minutes in the morning with dumbbells, plus attitude adjustment and a simple meal plan is all it takes.

Work two different muscle groups each day, build self-nurturing skills with a positive attitude with inspirational exercise.

Diet focuses on proper portions and lots of vegetables. 

Good Points:  

This is good for the \ hurried mom, worker or anyone trying to fit a weight-loss plan into a hectic life. It offers some good diet strategies. 

Bad Points:  

His exercise regimen is perfect for beginners, but eventually dieters will need a more challenging routine.

This program is not going to get you into perfect shape but its a good place to start.   Some think it misleads the dieters into believing that eight minutes of exercise builds enough muscle to burn fat.  The smaller portions of low calorie food that makes the diet. 


Book:  8 Minutes in the Morning: A Simple Way to Shed up to 2 Pounds a Week Guaranteed


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