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Fit for Life 

How this diet works:   

pecific guidelines are given for types of foods to eat throughout the day. 70 percent of the diet is based on fruit and vegetables, while dairy products and meats are severely limited. Weight loss results from improved digestion, and is not based on counting calories or grams of fat. 

Good points:

You can eat as much of the specific foods as you wish; there is never a reason to measure portions or worry about calorie intake. Weight loss tends to be rapid due to elimination of many higher calorie foods. 

Bad points:

Due to limited food choices, protein, zinc, vitamin D and vitamin B12 are consumed in insufficient amounts. In order to follow the food combining guidelines you may have to radically alter the way you eat. 

Duration: Indefinite
More information about this diet:

You can go to restaurants.   Wine is okay on an empty stomach which means it goes right into your blood stream.   Caffeine is not allowed.  It is okay for vegetarians. 
Need to buy special foods: No 

Book:  Fit for Life


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