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Food Combining Diet

How this diet works: 

70 percent of the foods allowed are fruits and vegetables, the other 30 percent consist of one or two servings of starch such as rice or pasta and minimum amounts of animal protein. Dairy products are prohibited. Proponents claim that weight loss occurs when foods are eaten in the correct combinations. 

Good points:

Eating more fruits and vegetables is highly encouraged by most health authorities. Weight loss may occur rapidly due to the limits on types of foods allowed. 

Bad points:

This diet is deficient in many nutrients, including protein, calcium, zinc, and vitamins D and B12. The concept of food combining is controversial. In fact, combining foods in the same meal often enhances the absorption of nutrients, such as eating oranges (high in vitamin C) with steak to increase the absorption of iron from that meal. 


More information about this diet:

You can eat at restaurants.  Alcohol and caffeine are not allowed.

It is okay for vegetarians.

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