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French Woman's Diet            

How this diet works: 

The French food secrets she shares are mainly daily eating habits, ones she says French women learn early on and practice all their lives.  Guiliano’s plan is based solely on her own observations and beliefs. 

You need to emphasize quality over quantity and learn to slow down so that they savor meals instead of eating on the run.

Good points:  

Eating out - Just remember, less is more. Instead of a huge plate of mediocre food, search out several flavorful small courses and savor them. 

Bad Points  There are a few exercise tips, but remember that French women walk everywhere and usually enjoy lifestyle activities over a workout at the gym

French women allow for indulgences by cutting back somewhere else. So a dessert at lunch might mean a lighter meal at supper or an extra-long walk around the neighborhood in the evening.   I guess you can do this forever.

Book:  The French Diet: Why French Women Don't Get Fat

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