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Juice Fast Diet            

How this diet works:

Most juice fasts last one to five days. 100 percent fruit and vegetable juices, sometimes diluted with distilled water, are the only foods allowed during the fast. Organic, freshly squeezed juices are preferred, and all juices should contain no salt, sugar, or additives.
Good points:

This plan is simple to follow since the choices are so limited. You'll lose weight quickly because of the very low calorie intake, although weight loss is not usually the goal of fasting. Many people believe that juice fasts allow the body to rejuvenate and heal itself. 

Bad points:

The extremely low calorie diet, combined with zero protein, complex carbohydrates and fat might quickly make you feel weak and disoriented. Your metabolism will slow down with so few calories to burn.  You don't want to do this if you have a thyroid problem as not eating enough can slow down the thyroid. 

One to five days 

More information about this diet:

You have to drink a lot of water and slowly get back onto solid foods.  I wouldn't suggest you to start this on a work day.   You can only go to juice bars, not restaurants.   You are not allowed alcohol or caffeine and you have to get only organic juices.   

When you drink just juices you will go through a detoxification period which can be very hard on you if you normally don't eat right, so be prepared.   It's great for vegetarians. 

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