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L.A. Shape Diet

How this diet works:   

The diet downplays simple sugar and fat and focuses on eating protein and building muscle. As a dieter’s lean body mass increases, the number of calories he or she burns at rest also increases. There are two diet phases.  There are meal replacement shakes. 

Good Points   

A lot of those “empowering” shakes. Dieters use a blender to whip up different varieties of these homemade meal replacements with fruit, nonfat milk and protein powder (the recipes are Heber’s).  The program includes both aerobics and weight training.   Tips suggest ordering salads with vinegar, lots of veggies, and fruit for dessert. A grilled chicken sandwich sans mayo is a good bet at fast-food places.   Okay for vegetarians, and you can have caffeine as Heber says caffeinated coffee may help promote weight loss since it increases the number of calories burned.

Bad Points   Seems complicated.

14 days. Once you’ve dropped the weight, there’s no specific maintenance plan. The idea is that dieters develop healthful habits that keep pounds

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