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Mayo Clinic Diet     

How this diet works:

The Mayo Clinic Diet has never been endorsed by the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Various reincarnations have been around for the past 30 years. All focus on using grapefruit at each meal as a way to encourage your body to burn fat. Most rely on large portions of meat and fat to stop hunger, and insist that eating more fat in your diet will actually lead to weight loss. 

Good points:

You get to eat as much meat as you want, and fried foods are actually encouraged. You won't be hungry since you're encouraged to 'eat until you are stuffed' and you will lose weight quickly.  

Bad points:

This diet simply does not work for long-term weight management. 

Two and a half months 

More information about this diet:

It is difficult to do at restaurants, and your best bet would be  buffet. You cannot drink alcohol and it is suggested that you limit your coffee or tea intake.  It is not okay for vegetarians. 

The folks at the Mayo Clinic emphatically state this diet is a sham. There is a Manual on the "Mayo Clinic Diet? and nutrition and it is from the Mayo Clinic.   

Book :Mayo Clinic Diet Manual: A Handbook of Nutrition Practice  

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