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Total Health  

From Dr. Stephen Price




We view our patient as a complete person - body, mind and spirit, and then handle them in the physical and nutritional realms and provide the service that will effectively handle their situation.  Health is a personal thing.

Dr. Stephen Price

Our Total Health Care Center offers:

·                   CHIROPRACTIC

·                   MASSAGE

·                   METABOLISM

·                   HORMONAL SOLUTIONS

·                   WEIGHT LOSS

·                   MENOPAUSE

·                   NUTRITIONAL

·                   LOWER BACK

·                   DIGESTION

·                   HEADACHES

·                   UNKNOWN PAINS

·                   FEMALE DISORDERS

·                   LUNG PROBLEMS

·                   EXERCISE REHAB

·                   PERSONAL TRAINERS

·                   X-RAYS

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The problem with diets:

Losing weight can be one of the most difficult things a person can do.  You know that losing weight would make you healthier and happier.  You know your clothes would fit better, and you’d be more attractive to the opposite sex.  You know it’s the thing you should do.

So now and then you get fed up with being fat and you go on a diet.  You may have tried skipping meals, drinking shakes, giving up your favorite foods, eating only the food that was provided, or some other plan that just did not fit your life style.

And it worked.  For a few weeks.  Maybe for a few months. 

In fact, most diets on the market will make you lose weight if you stick with them.  No matter if you’re eating low carbohydrates, or no fats, or high protein—whatever it is—if you follow the program, you will lose weight. 

The only problem is, if you go on a diet, eventually you are going to go off the diet.  Your old habits slowly return and you gain the weight back.

If you haven’t noticed, the entire subject of weight loss and fitness has become very complex.    I have found that the more complex something is the less real truth it has and the harder it becomes.

I have discovered what I feel is the real reason people gain weight and can’t lose it.  I have outlined a simple system to overcome it—a system that will be yours for the rest of your life.

Weight Loss Scientific Breakthrough Discovered:

I have been doing research for 26 years on the basic reasons people have difficulty losing weight and keeping fit.  There are two main reasons: individuals do not learn to deal properly with their appetite and they have trouble continuing regular exercise.

Man has come a long way since he had to chase his food or scrounge snow-covered hillsides for dinner.  Man has arranged to have food in such abundance; it is always the season of plenty. For perhaps the first time we are capable of putting on as much fat as we can and keeping it there, year after year. 

Unfortunately, in expanding our technologies for food production, we have created a new problem. Gone are the natural weight loss plans: harsh winters where we would burn off our fat stores, long periods of scarce food, bacterial infections that would require huge amounts of calories to fuel the fever, or injuries that would prevent us from finding and catching our dinner.  But our bodies, still operating off their old genetic design, continue to have their old reflexes to prepare for these events.  The sight or smell of food still triggers an eating reaction when we’re hungry, so you can put on weight and keep putting it on.  But without long, harsh winters, we no longer take it off. 

There is a physical, genetic reason for not exercising:

Doing daily exercise for the sake of exercise is not a natural thing for the body, because it is technically a waste of energy that should be spent getting food and surviving better.  In years past, fitness was a by-product of survival and because man has eliminated the work in acquiring food and fighting off the elements, the natural fitness that comes from hard work is gone. Now we must adjust our thinking to know that exercise is a way to survive better, as our bodies require it in order to stay healthy.

Dieting will cause you to lose weight, both fat and muscle.   The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn.   When you lose muscle you are doomed to live on much less food and eventually you’ll stop losing weight even with less food.  So diet without exercise will not produce the best results in permanent weight control.

What if? 

What if there were drills that would help you to overcome these physical reasons why you overeat and do not exercise?

My book contains a series of drills (practice steps). These are not routines telling you what to eat and what not to eat. They are drills for you to get to know your eating habits that are affecting your body. These drills will help you to understand your own body and what you are feeding it, so you can make conscious decisions.



Common dieting alone will cause people to become fatter. 

Ever failed on a diet?

Need to go on a diet?

Don't want to go on a diet?

Are overweight and not fit?

Do you feel confused about diets?

If so, you need to buy this book!

ABOVE ALL DIETS is available now, for the special price of 19.99.  This includes free email support of your questions and comments as you read the book and apply my drills.  You will be asked to answer certain feedback questions every few weeks.  Call or email today, to have your copy sent to you.   (Shipping is additional, $2 for regular mail and $5 for rush.)

I also do individual consulting for weight loss. 


5336 Fountain Ave.    Los Angeles  90029  
Call 323-467-5200  or  1-800-LOWBACK

Find out about "Not Losing Weight to Get Healthy, But Getting Healthy to Lose Weight"

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