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Sugar Busters Diet

How this diet works: 

Refined sugar found in cakes, candies, and sodas as well as potatoes, white flour and pasta, is toxic, according to Sugar Busters. Eating these types of foods causes the body to produce increased amounts of the hormone insulin, which leads to increased amounts of body fat and weight. 

Good Points:

Most people consume too much sugar (approximately one pound per person per week!), and decreased reliance on refined foods is a goal of many health organizations. The diet gives clear guidelines on which foods to avoid. 

Bad points:

Diet is very limited and not suggested for vegetarians.


More information about this diet:

If you're serious about this plan, be sure to purchase the book and restaurant guide.  You can eat at restaurants.   Alcohol can only be taken on a full stomach and dry red wine is suggested due to its lower sugar content.   You can have 2-3 beverages containing caffeine each day.

Diet is very limited and not suggested for vegetarians.

Book:  The New Sugar Busters!

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