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Weight Loss Cure (HCG Diet)

The feedback on this is everything from it is a miracle to its just as hard as everything else, but Truedau seems to think its magic.  And that there is an original diet.... read on.

Some comments like:

"Although advertised as "simple" to do, the program is complex, expensive & difficult to obtain all the required products." - HM

Here is what someone said about the diet regarding where it was gotten from: 

Dr Siemons study of thousands of patients over a period of 40 years led him to the conclusion that obesity can be treated successfully AND SAFELY through a simple diet regimen and shots of hcg ( abbreviation for human chorionic gonadotrophin which is explained in the essay). I won’t go into the details of Simeons study accept to say that he published his results in scientific journals and was well received. 

Here is a review from a Weight Loss Expert, Dr. Eric Berg.  He lays it out.

The HCG Diet

The diet is 500 calories and is a starvation diet.  It will mess with your metabolism.  HCG is a hormone. 


Find out about "Not Losing Weight to Get Healthy, But Getting Healthy to Lose Weight"

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