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The Zone Diet

How this diet works: 

An exact meal plan based upon each person's gender, activity level, and current percentage of body fat is designed to include 40 percent of its calories from carbohydrates, 30 from protein and 30 from fat. All meals and snacks follow this 40-30-30 distribution ratio, causing the body to work within its peak performance 'zone' for maximum energy and weight loss. 

Good points:

You will lose weight on this diet due to the very low calorie intake while you enjoy foods high in protein such as roast beef and steaks. Specific meal plans are available to guide you into the 'zone.' 

Bad points:

Figuring out how to make each and every meal and snack follow the 40-30-30 ratio can be daunting. 


More information about this diet:

You can dine at restaurants.  Alcohol is allowed in moderation, but caffeine is not allowed.  You can be a vegetarian and follow this diet. 

Most people have a tough time figuring out exactly what they should eat. Your meal might wind up being a half an apple, a quarter of a bagel and two ounces of cheddar cheese. Also, some people have a slightly different ideal combination rather than strictly 40/30/30. 

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