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Health Couch
Our Health Tutor Program

"We need to shift our focus from treating disease to generating health..."  Hippocrates (AMA"The Father of Medicine")

Health Couching to Get Healthy!

Most often those with an Adrenal problem are looking to lose weight
There can be other health reasons.

Want to Lose Weight?  You need to get Healthy to Lose Weight

However, even if you don't need to lose weight getting healthy is the best thing you can do. 

Get understanding so you can take charge of your health

Our health coaching will help you implement your program. 

Slowly and effectively introduce the right healthy foods, the correct supplements and exercise into your life.

For information about the basic program that we operate on and to read the information in the book on how the glands work and diet which can be applied to weight loss, or just getting healthy. Go to Fat Burning 

With Health Tutoring, you are feel free to ask questions and get coached along the way to your health or weight loss goals. It include non-medical health coaching to assist in overcoming any barriers that get in your way. All health coaches are trained by Dr. Berg.  (Coaching does not include additional products or supplements.) 

Here is a video by Dr. Eric Berg explaining about getting healthy with this program. 

Health Coaching 

Dr Berg's Exclusive Membership 

Learn for yourself how to get healthy and lose weight the correct way. Dr. Berg will take you by the hand and guide you step by step through the process. You'll learn the details, how -to of every aspects of getting your body in amazing shape. 

Find out more 

Email Us and tell us what you need help with.

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