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How Muscle Imbalance Relates to Pain and Discomfort by Dr. Stephen Price


As most people know, Chiropractic care focuses on the function and alignment of the joints and bones of the body.  Treatment is usually some sort of adjustment to realign the bones. 

The latest research in the field of physical medicine has revealed that muscle function determines bone alignment and joint stresses.  I have found in my practice that by identifying and resolving muscle imbalance, the chiropractic adjustment works better and lasts longer.  It is now also possible to teach someone corrective exercises so that they can literally treat themselves at home. 

The body moves as a muscular unit. One muscle depends upon another muscle for coordination and strength.  If one muscle malfunctions (too tight or too weak), this can cause a chain reaction throughout the body creating pain and discomfort in the areas of imbalance. 

Simple Analysis

There is a very simple analysis that can identify your major imbalances that may be leading to chronic or intermittent pain anywhere in the body.  Once those imbalances are identified, exact exercises to balance the muscles are learned and used, thus eliminating abnormal stresses on the bones and joints of the body, often relieving the patientís pain or discomfort.

Try this at home!

The most common imbalance is one that causes the feet to turn out when you stand and walk, creating bunions, flat-feet, and ankle and knee pain - progressing up to a wide variety of spinal and joint pain. 

If you look down at your feet and your feet turn out, try this exercise.  When you walk, walk with your feet straight ahead.  At first, you will feel like you are walking a bit pigeon-toed, but soon your muscles your muscles will begin to realign, taking pressure off of the joints.  Also, this one is great if you sit a lot:

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