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Hot Weather Health Tip

Ahhh…Summer is here!  Temperatures suddenly in the upper 90s and 100s this is good news and bad news.  It’s good news because it is perfect beach weather- but what do you do when you are hot and sweaty and perhaps even headachy, thirsty, and tired from all those intense rays?


We recommend Dr. Cindy Clayton’s “Sunny Day Spray!”


This cooling and refreshing spray helps to relieve “summer symptoms,” i.e.: hot, sweaty, exhausted, tired, and possibly even a nauseous feeling.  And it does so quickly and pleasantly!  You can spray it on and get the benefits of salt, potassium, and cell salts in a spray form.  (Especially great for kids who have trouble swallowing pills.)

Several summers ago a worried mother brought her 11-year-old son in to see Dr. Clayton.  He was suffering from a headache, which he’d had for a week and was very tired and nauseous and was unable to eat.  No one had been able to figure out what was going on.  While he was waiting to see the doctor the office staff sprayed him several times with the Sunny Day Spray.  After a bit the boy came running out from the treatment room and said, “Mom!  My headache is gone- my stomach doesn’t hurt anymore- can I get something to eat?”  He felt 100% better.  Although we can’t guarantee you’ll get this result we have had a number of similar stories throughout the years.


We recommend you try our Sunny Day Spray!  We think you’ll find your summer a lot cooler!  When you’re out at the beach or the soccer field or just cruising in your car carry your Sunny Day Spray with you and use it liberally.  And according to our surveys it works just as well in Kansas or New York as it does in California!


Stay Cool!

Dr. Cindy Clayton


32 oz Sunny Day Spray……$35

16 oz Sunny Day Spray……$20

8 oz Sunny Day Spray……..$12

4 oz Sunny Day Spray……...$7


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