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What can You Do when Your Back is Stiff from Sitting?
Back Support Pillow
Does it help the Back?
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Lumber Support By Dr. Eric Berg, D.C.

Back Support & more

Now I really do like Dr. Berg’s products, so I was really excited to see this one. I do sit long hours every day – I work on the internet writing new content for the website, researching or talking and answering people’s questions. So, a lumbar support pillow. I had to try it. I have had tightness and lower back pain, especially if I sat too long. So yes, I tried this lumbar support.

I can’t say enough about it. It’s not just another pillow that is supposed to help your back. It helps you even more as the unique shape allows you to do stretches. See Dr. Berg’s video on how to use it. And use it. You’ll be impressed. - Chris, MCVitamins.com

And right now there is a special price of only $9.95.The Lumbar Support Pillow

  • Support Low Back Pain and Tightness

  • Support Your Low Back Curvature from Sitting

  • Unique Design for Multiple Stretches

  • Take this Device When You Travel and Drive

  • Special Introductory Cost $9.95 (Normally  $19.95 – save $10)

Reduce low back pain from sitting for extended period of time. Dr. Berg’s unique design allows you to perform multiple stretches to counter the stiffness and muscle tightness associated with sitting.

As you age, the normal low back lordosis (low back inward curvature) begins to flatten out increasing stress on nerve roots and intervertebral discs. By keeping your low back curve, you can reduce the discomfort and stress not to mention pain and inflammation in your low back. Use this when you are sitting in your office chair, your car and when you travel.

Dr. Berg designed this with the perfect thickness, the perfect firmness for low back relief. The flat back on the foam support allows this device to stabilize against a chair back. Other low back supports slide around or do not give you the right support for your low back curvature.

Take this device when you drive, when you go to work, when travel and keep your back pain free and feeling great.

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Watch Sitting Kills Your Low Back Curve. Do This Daily! (video is the fourth picture on the page about the pillow - Keep Your Curve)

Learn More about the Lumbar Support (You can purchase via Amazon Pay)

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