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Are you looking for answers so that you will feel better?   Understanding a health issue is the first step to finding the answers you need.

In a world where people are trying to find their way to health, let us help you find a road map.

health educationDo you want to know what vitamins to take to compensate when you just can’t eat right? Do you want to know what healthy food choices you should make? Do you know what a “healthy diet” really is? Or what to do when you eat at your favorite fast food restaurant? What you can do to combat the assault on our bodies of everyday modern living which includes all the deficiencies created by medications, pollution, processed foods, etc. Do you want to improve your health, but don’t know where to start? That is what MCVitamins is about.

“How to Survive in Spite of a Fast-Food Lifestyle”

This is a Health Education Site. We want to get you on the road to health – sometimes that means finding what deficiencies you have to fix before you can start to build health – but we are determined to help you find your path.

We believe in Functional Medicine. It is defined as: “affecting the operation, rather than the structure, of an organ” In other words, you can address a stomach ulcer by surgery, cutting out the damaged area – affecting the structure – or you can address the function of the stomach so the body is not creating ulce.

Instead of a structural dentist drilling out decay from a tooth and filling it with a foreign substance (changing the structure), you can find out that decay is actually the de-mineralization of teeth, and that you have to change your diet, so that the body can re-mineralize your teeth. (see dental health)

Functional Medicine is: “Medical practice or treatments that focus on optimal functioning of the body and its organs, usually involving systems of holistic or alternative medicine.”

“You don’t have to have a disease to benefit from functional medicine”

The focus of functional medicine is promoting health beyond just the absence of disease. The focus is finding the cause of the problem and getting the body to fix that.

You might need to focus on building healthy nerves when they are painful or addressing heavy metal toxicity when it is raising blood pressure. There are many causes of symptoms. Finding the actual cause and addressing it by building health is functional medicine.

Instead of trying to prevent or stop disease, isn’t it better to start building health. As you build health, you will make changes for the better on a continual basis.”

healthy habits road signWe add information to our site as we investigate things you should know and find supplements that we find to work.

We have education on Immunity as it is very important to our health and lives. When you have a healthy immune system, you don’t worry about “microbes” invading your body.

We have information on what metabolism is and creating a healthy metabolism as it is a basic so that your body can use the food and supplements that provide the nutrition that your body needs to function properly.

We will recommend formulas for you to reach your goal.  What is a Formula?  a method, statement, or procedure for achieving something, especially different aims or positions:   

What is your health goal and what formula do you need to follow?   Sometimes it’s a special vitamin formula.  But we will work with you to find what you need.,

Where to start: Health Conditions – An introduction. What is good health?

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Being Overweight is not a Disease, it is a Symptom.  

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The purpose of our site is giving you information on how you can use nutrition to survive the environment that we live in along with all the problems that comes along with that.

MCVitamins will work with you on an individual-by-individual basis to help you get the results you seek. And don’t be surprised if we contact you so we can check up on how you’re doing and to see if we can help you to get things moving faster!

In the past, a person’s life expectancy was much lower than today. This was due to the fact that many people died at an early age due to infections, plagues and accidents. That changed as a lot of the deadly diseases were eradicated by improved public hygiene with adequate supply of clean water and the safe disposal of sewage. Added to that were an understanding of and remedies for infections and a lowered accident rate due to safety rules and procedures.

Now we “live longer”, but really most people die a slow progressive death. Most people live with and die of degenerative diseases from other causes – high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer, etc.

“Degenerative diseases – heart attacks, arteriosclerosis, cancer, stroke, arthritis, hypertension, ulcers, and all the rest – have replaced infectious diseases as the major enemies of life and destroyers of its quality.” The Body Electric by Robert O.Becker, MD. And Gary Selden

Even if you were exposed to toxins, the body should be able handle it with a healthy immune system (which is hard to have with poor nutrition). Cellular malnutrition is a prominent cause of ill health. So, what do you need to do?

Health Conditions of interest:
Digestion, Gastritis
Gallbladder & Removal
Gum Disease
Gut-Brain Axis and Metabolism
Heart Health
Hormone Replacement
Metabolic Syndrome
Testosterone Decrease
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We believe in is building good health. When you build good health, disease tends to fade away or never shows up. The body needs certain nutrients in order to function., repair itself, create energy and remain healthy. When you don’t get those nutrients in the food you eat, or when you build up toxins which your body has to fight (toxins from processed food, drugs, or the air you breathe), your body depletes itself of the nutrients that it needs to be healthy. Even medical drugs have many side effects due to the nutritional deficiencies that they create.

“Years of man-made foods open the gates to create all forms of disease.”

Sometimes you need more of specific nutrients. If you drive your car down the road at a moderate pace, you use up a certain amount of gasoline. If, however, you take that car onto the freeway and speed the same number of miles, you will use up more of gasoline. It is similar with the body. You need certain nutrients to survive. If you are exposed to toxins, you need certain specific nutrients. If you have physical stress or mental stress and exposure to toxins, you need more nutrients.

So, what do you need to survive?

We offer you an education on how to start to improve your health.  Then you can make informed decisions and you know what nutrients to take.

We also have our RECOMMENDED feature. We have researched various vitamins, minerals, herbal and various other formulas and when we find what works best, we pass it on. When we find a nutrition book worth reading, we will also pass it on.

MCVitamins will work with you on an individual-by-individual basis to help you get the results you seek. And don’t be surprised if we contact you so we can check up on how you’re doing and to see if we can help you to get things moving faster!

Subjects of interest:
Chronic Inflammation
Genetically Engineered Food (GMOs)
How Hormones Effect You
Pain Scale
Weight Loss

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