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Real Health Products 
Quality of Manufacturing

What are the standards of the company that manufactures the RHP™ nutritional products?

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices which all manufacturers in the nutritional industry are required to be using today. 

The Real Health Products manufacturing facility is FDA approved and adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for supplement manufacturers. The company pre-tests all its ingredients to verify their potency and purity. The product is tested during and after the manufacturing process to ensure no contamination.

The companies who manufacture the other RHP nutritional products operate at cGMP standards, which stand for Current Good Manufacturing Procedures. These are the highest standards, and are the standards required for the exacting manufacture of pharmaceuticals/drugs.

This means that all raw materials used in the RHP products are tested for identity and purity (potency) by the manufacturer when they first arrive at the facility. 

When an ingredient is added to a RHP product during manufacturing phase it requires two people. One person observes that the material is coming out of the previously tested and correctly labeled container and is the exact correct quantity, which is noted down, while the other person actually does it.

The finished products (tablets or capsules) are then tested to ensure that what we have in the product matches what we have on the label.

Made in USA.  Gluten Free.

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