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All Natural Pain Relief
Pain Relief Spray

You don't need to put up with pain

At last... an all natural way to reduce or eliminate pain. Works on chronic or temporary pain caused by arthritis, cramps, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, muscle pain, back pain, foot pain, sports injuries, insect bites, tooth ache and many other sources of pain.  It is good for natural pain relief for children, TMJ relief, relief from stiff neck pain or any area that you can spray. 

The RHP® Pain Relief Formula uses a breakthrough technology that relieves pain in 5 to 15 minutes. It is shocking how quickly and effectively it works.

From head to toe, immediate relief from an all natural pain killer, gently and safely.

It is a topical spray.  Just a couple of sprays on the affected area and you will feel the pain begin to fade and disappear.

"Here I go again. I had to learn the hard way that the RHP nerve support formula really works as I have with the Pain Relief.

I have had hip pain for the past few months. I went to my orthopedic doctor. I had a shot of cortisone, helped a few days. In the allotted time I got the 2nd shot and it helped some and I proceeded to the 3rd shot with no relief. I had ordered the Pain Formula months ago but didn't think something that you sprayed on the outside of your body could help the inside....I was fooled. I ran across the Pain formula that was tucked away and started using it, Lo and Behold if it didn't work just like the Nerve Support formula. I am out walking again and so far so good and I do give the credit to that Pain formula.    Thought you just might want to know."

Sincerely, Lois

For testimonials go here Pain Relief Formula Success

RHP® Pain Relief Formula

Menthol - Recognized by the FDA as an active pain reliever, menthol has been used for thousands of years in India and China to control pain naturally. Used topically, it deadens nerve endings in the skin.

MSM - A natural form of organic sulfur, essential to health and found in all living organisms. Discovered to be an agent that instantly eases pain when applied to the skin, MSM relieves inflammation and swelling by increasing oxygen in the soft tissue whose nerves are the source of pain. It contributes dramatically to the reduction of pain due to arthritis, bursitis (joint inflammation) and rheumatism (stiffness of joints and/or muscles), as well as strained muscles due to over-exertion.

Aloe Vera - Contains at least 140 substances beneficial to the body and has been widely used for 3,500 years. A huge variety of injuries and ailments are benefited due to its ability to reduce inflammation and pain, inhibit infection and promote new cell growth. For these reasons it significantly advances the healing process.

Eucalyptus Oil - Used widely around the world for centuries, the oil from fresh eucalyptus leaves has numerous medical applications; the best known being a respiratory remedy. It is also a very effective local pain killer, known to prevent infection and reduce fevers.

Sage Oil - Rich in vitamins, this herb from the Mediterranean region of Southern Europe has been used since ancient times to sooth nerves, heal sores, stop bleeding and minimize inflammation.

Grapefruit Seed Extract - A broad-spectrum compound that kills microscopic organisms such as fungus, parasites, viruses and bacteria, is environmentally safe and non-toxic. In Pain Relief Spray it serves to protect the product from invading organisms as well as kill bacteria that research indicates causes some forms of arthritis. Often used to reduce internal inflammation caused by micro-organisms.

We specially formulate our ingredients using a unique proprietary process that turbo charges them deep into the affected tissues to give rapid, safe and long-lasting relief with no unwanted side effects.


And it comes with a 90 day money back guarantee on the first order 

For most people 2 to 3 sprays is sufficient. 

The bottle holds 375 sprays and is on sale for $19.70, (an $18.00 dollar savings!) from $37.70.

For testimonials go here Pain Relief Formula Testimonials on Successes using the product.

Use for  joint pain, headaches, sprains, muscle soreness, etc. etc. etc. 



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