Addressing Your Neuropathy, What Can You Do?

addressing your neuropathyWhat can you do to address the symptoms of neuropathy?  Neuropathy Remedies

1. Control your Blood Sugars if you are diabetic – it is the high blood sugar that creates nerve damage.

2. Find out what the Cause of Your Neuropathy is – and make sure you eliminate the cause.

If you got neuropathy from trauma, it isn’t a problem unless someone is beating you up every week, but there are many causes, and you need to find out what created your neuropathy and eliminate the cause.

Don’t eat things that include artificial sweeteners or MSG (watch for the names this ingredient may be hidden – see other names for MSG)

It can be toxins to avoid, or medications such as statins or blood pressure medications with a possible side effect of neuropathy. Talk to your doctor about changing the medication. Or you can find a natural solution for High Cholesterol.

Not sure what caused your Neuropathy?

Idiopathic Neuropathy just means someone hasn’t found out yet. There is always a cause, and it might even be more than one cause. The combination of risk factors can create the problem that you are now feeling.

If you have neuropathy, I’d check all the possible reasons and contributors to neuropathy and stay away. You don’t want anything that might contribute to your neuropathy.

3. Alpha Lipoic Acid & Acetyl l Carnitine will help the body address the condition by getting the nerves to become healthier.

4. Take B12 (methyl B 12 NOT cynocobalamine) The body uses B12 to prevent and correct neurological defects including regeneration of neurons and the myelin sheaths protecting the nerve cells. cynocobalamine isn’t always absorbed by the body and you only get a small amount.

5. Take B1 (benfotiamine) Benfotiamine is fat soluble B-1 and has 360% greater bioavailability than any other form of B-1 which is essential to overall nerve health. It doesn’t wash out of the body like regular B1.

6. Watch your diet, sugar, carbs, processed foods deplete the body of the vitamins the body needs to restore nerve health.

7. Smoking reduces blood flow and oxygen to your nerves, while alcohol interferes with nerve signaling and metabolism.


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Causes and Risk Factors for Neuropathy

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