Are you Depressed? Or is it Despair?


Depressed and what it means.

Definition of Despair: Noun the complete loss or absence of hope.
Verb lose or be without hope.

Origin: Middle English: the noun via Anglo-Norman French from Old French desespeir ; the verb from Old French desperer, from Latin desperare, from de- ‘down from’ + sperare ‘to hope.’”Down From Hope”

The use of the term despair to describe what a person was feeling has declined over the years, perhaps due to the substituted psychiatric “disease” term called “depression”.

But what is depression? Is it a chemical in your brain that is out of order, or is it “despair” which is a feeling you have and is something that you can do something about? You can always do something about it.

Find out About Stress, Anxiety and Depression

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