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Toxicity vs. Maintenance

Do you think your physical self is in perfect working order? Do you think it is possible to achieve this state or close to it? If you could achieve perfect physical health or close to it, how might this benefit you? 

Right now your health is probably somewhere between highly toxic and only needing maintenance care. Everyone has different stresses and every stress affects your body in unique ways. 

What is toxicity? Anything your body cannot completely metabolize is toxicity. 

Metabolize means all the biochemical steps that result in rebuilt body parts as well as all the biochemical steps that result in energy to move the body. Furthermore, metabolism is all the steps of breaking down old body cells and tissues and eliminating them out of the body or recycling the biochemical parts. 

That is a big definition. Actually, considering the quadrillions of changes that occur every minute at the biochemical level that results in sophisticated life, it is a pretty concise definition. 

If your boss stressed you out and your muscles tightened up between your shoulder blades then toxicity would be created. Metabolism would not be fully complete until you were feeling fine again.

Poor body posture and subluxations could also cause you stress, preventing complete metabolism. That's right just about anything could have a toxic effect on your body. It's theoretically possible then to lengthen life by getting your health up to a maintenance level where all the toxic stresses, imbalances and deficiencies are maximally reduced and metabolism is maximally occurring. One of the interesting concepts of maintenance is that a person stays corrected by taking certain regular health actions; not waiting until they don't feel good and are stressed. One is then operating in a healthier, happier condition and is better able to handle life. It is part of success.

Believe it or not my best patients who achieve health and stay healthy are also successful in life. What a coincidence or perhaps not.

So again I ask you - If you could achieve perfect physical health or close to it, how might this benefit you?

Dr. Mike Spearman
Spearman Better Health Center

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