Bad Breath or Halitosis

bad breathBad breath can come from gum disease, tooth decay, heavy metal buildup, nose or throat infection, improper diet, constipation, smoking, diabetes, foreign bacteria in the mouth, indigestion, inadequate protein digestion, liver malfunction, postnasal drip, stress and too much unfriendly bacteria in the colon.

Handling these situations will handle the bad breath. Here are some things that can help.

Alfalfa – supplies chlorophyll which cleanses the blood stream and colon, where bad breath often begins.

Gum disease in a major factor and can be read about here.

Avoid spicy foods, and foods like anchovies, blue cheese, camembert, garlic, onions, pastrami, pepperoni, Roquefort cheese, salami, and tuna which can leave oils in the mouth that can release odor. Beer, coffee, whiskey and wine leave residues that stick in the soft, sticky plaque on teeth and get into the digestive system.

Avoid food that get stuck between the teeth easily or that can cause tooth decay.

Brush your teeth and tongue after every meal.

Replace your toothbrush every month, as well as after any infections disease, to prevent bacteria buildup.


What is the Cause?

If due to gum disease read what you can do at Bleeding Gums and Gum Disease

If due to Digestion:

Promote Healthy Digestion:

Many reasons for bad breath have to do with digestion and the metabolism that brings you good health and good breath.

Metabolism is a generic word for EVERY chemical process in your body from energy production to cellular reproduction and fighting off disease.   Thus, improving metabolism is a major health goal.

Read about Improving Metabolism  and the nutritional breakthrough to good metabolic health.


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