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Nutritional Yeast Tablets

This formula was created to give people a better source of B vitamins.

Natural B Complex

  • Support Keto-Adaptation (Ketogenic Diet)

  • Instant Stress Relief

  • Non-Fortified (No synthetics)

  • Contains Natural B Vitamins

  • Vegetarian Ingredients

  • 180 Tablets Per Bottle

  • 100% Vegan Formula

  • Non-Fortified Nutritional Yeast I Most nutritional yeast contains synthetic vitamins. Our product is made without fortification of synthetic B-vitamins.

  • Good Source of B-Vitamins I Nutritional Yeast is a great and natural way to get your B-vitamins. B-vitamins are essential for energy, metabolism and many other body processes.

  • Added B12 (Natural Source) I We added a natural source of B12, called methylcobalamin. B12 is great for strengthening you, energy endurance, and fortifying your blood cells
  • Improve Energy I The energy factors of your cells (mitochondria) need B-vitamins to produce energy.

  • Supports Keto-Adaptation this nutritional yeast tablets are a convenient way to get nutritional yeast. No more consuming the powder and having it stick to your teeth. Simply take the tablet and swallow.

Why do we need B vitamins?

Each B vitamin has its specific function relating to helping enzymes work, helping your metabolism function correctly and in the production of energy.

Our body’s energy factories, call the mitochondria require B-vitamins to make energy. Many body chemical reactions require B vitamins. B-vitamins are also intimately involved with metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Why Nutrional Yeast Tablets?

It’s not only difficult to find a good source of B-vitamins but most nutritional yeast is enriched with synthetic B vitamins. Enriched meaning they add synthetic B vitamins.

The other challenge for people is the difficulty in consuming powdered nutritional yeast. So it is formulated unfortified nutritional yeast in a tablet making it easy to consume.

Ketogenic Diet Use

You can use this as a part of your ketogenic plan as well as when you are going through keto-adapation.

When you are transitioning from sugar burning to fat burning, your body requires more B-vitamins. Most B-vitamins are made synthetically. Nutritional yeast is a natural source of B-vitamins, however even Nutritional Yeast in many cases is enriched with B-vitamins. This product is non-fortified, which means there are no added synthetic B vitamins which normally come from petroleum. A natural form of B12 was added to make this a complete complex.

This product has a 60 day money back guarantee.

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