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Dr. Berg Friendly Bacteria Probiotics

Your body is the home of trillions of bacteria, and lucky for you, most of them are friendly and necessary for your good health.

But some of those bacteria can be bad. The bad bacteria is why we take antibiotics. They are often prescribed to eliminate the bacterial infections that we get from time to time.

But more often than not, the antibiotics (as well as chlorinated water and other medicines) attack the friendly bacteria in your body, rather than the bad bacteria.

Thus, the use of antibiotics kills the bacteria in our digestive systems. We need to restore it.

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What is in the Friendly Bacteria Probiotics?


Most probiotic supplements today are based on “pure-culture” methods of manufacturing. This means the microorganisms are grown as individual strains in a sterile media. If the end microbial flora contains more than one strain, each strain is typically grown in a pure culture and then blended at time of packaging. Dr. Berg's product is very different in that he takes selected strains and grows them in a “group”, in a process of co-association that combines multiple strains at once. Each strain interacting with other strains becoming a small eco system-- much more resilient and capable of working together synergistically. This is how microorganisms actually survive in their natural environment.


Friendly Bacteria Probiotic has been rigorously developed and tested for shelf-life stability. The minimum shelf-life has a guaranteed microbial life of 12 months; but could live up to 3 years.

Temperature and pH

This product survives temperatures between 41° to 122° F and pH range of 2 to 14. This means that this product does not require refrigerated storage.


Each strain is not genetically modified and non-pathogenic. All ingredients used for culturing the microorganisms are natural and in most cases certified organic.

Microbial seeds and Mother Cultures are used in their own high-quality facility. By controlling its own manufacturing and maintaining rigorous process and quality-control standards, Dr Berg can guarantee a consistent, high-quality product.

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