Correcting Acid Base Balance

By Dr. Mike Spearman, D.C.

When it is very hot a person wants to sit down in the shade and get out of the sun. When it’s too cold a person wants to huddle in a blanket around a fire. The point is that life functions best in a very narrow range of temperature. Air conditioners, heaters, hats, coats, gloves, bathing suits, etc. are all proof that this statement is true. These things help maintain that narrow band of ideal temperature around the body.

Biochemical production in the body all goes well in a VERY NARROW RANGE of acid base balance. In the blood this narrow range is about 1 space in 140 of the whole span of the acid base scale. Another analogy would be to ask you if you are a member of the top 1 half percent of the wealthiest people in the United States. Ideal is again a very narrow range, but almost everyone can achieve it with acid base. On either side of this narrow range is an over acid range called acidosis and an over base range called alkaloids. Each of these ranges is 3 and a half times as broad as the ideal range. This larger range called alkalosis. Each of these ranges is 3 and half time as broad as the ideal range. This larger range which we could call the SURVIVAL RANGE covers 8 spaces out of the possible 140. Outside the 8 spaces that include the narrow ideal ranged, acidosis and alkalosis range is DEATH. You may have seen a dialysis center or know someone who gets dialysis. Dialysis does the kidney’s job and keeps a person alive when their kidneys are not functioning well enough to correct acid base balance and other kidney functions.

The kidneys and the lungs controlled by a part of the brain are the two organs that regulate acid and base balance in the body. Modern American diets tend to get people out of the VERY NARROW RANGE OR NORMAL despite the efforts of the kidneys and lungs. Generally animal products of all kinds except whole milk are acid. Cereal grains are acid. Green vegetables and root vegetables and most fruits are alkaline.

Using food alone can take quite a long time to correct an acid base imbalance unless it is minor. There are easy inexpensive ways to correct most acid base problems usually in a month.

Something that is kind of fun is to keep track of your own acid base level. There is an inexpensive test kit that will last 2 people 6 months to a year and a refill of the kit is even less costly. It takes just a minute to test oneself.

The majority of people at least that we see in our office are overly acid. There are 3 primary corrections of which 1, 2, or all 3 may be required. Some people need #2 but not #1 or vice versa. It is not difficult to determine.

Each handling uses a specific supplement of a food concentrate nature. One handling uses a highly concentrated raw vegetable supplement. Each tablet is like eating a pound of green vegetables so one can significantly increase vegetable intake easily.

A second handling takes the excess charge off of the water molecules and allows fluids to flow better in the system. This allows a certain detoxification to occur and people who complain of bloating, swelling and water weight usually benefit with this special supplement.

A third handling would involve correcting or improving the function of parts of the endocrine system. There are special supplements for each endocrine gland as needed.

A secondary handling is especially for people who have recurring kidney or urinary bladder problems. The supplement for this contains a concentration of a particular enzyme that helps the kidney regulate acid base handling.

Some people are to base also known as too alkaline. These people need acid. They may need a particular kind of acid for their stomach, or an acid that works especially well with calcium throughout the body or the person may need a general acidifying substance.

These are very straightforward handlings and will handle many peoples’ imbalance with no other efforts. Some people may have additional complications, but the above is a good first step to just about anyone not on a dialysis machine.

It could be said that every chronic or acute disease or condition that is not resolving has an undetected and unaddressed acid base condition connected with it. This is a very broad statement, but gives you an idea of the degree of importance to place on acid base conditions

Dr. Spearman practices in East Hollywood area of Los Angeles.

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