Do Drugs Save Lives?

drugs save livesI’ve heard people say this. It really doesn’t seem to be a thought out comment but one which “everybody knows”. I will sometimes hear it when I recommend a natural medicine or remedy.

My question – Why would you take a pharmaceutical medication instead of a natural medicine? The answer – Because drugs save lives?

Well, when a person has neglected their health to the point where they are about to succumb to a bad infection due to a compromised immune system, or succumb to heart disease, or any other aliment, it will save their life – well it will extend their life. But, that is the point at which you need to start building health. And actually building health is a good idea to do before you need to have your life saved by taking drugs.

But my question is why you would take a drug when there are so many alternatives that are safe and work just as well. Why are people so afraid for their health that they would get a “flu shot” or take a “mold” based product (better known as penicillin)? What is the matter with their immune system? Yes, the flu can be very detrimental to someone with a compromised immune system. But what happened that their immune system became compromised.

The missing step is maintaining health, and building health if it is compromised.

I haven’t known many medical doctors who will give you any advice on being healthy other than to tell you to exercise and to eat a healthy diet. A medical doctor works to help you maintain your disease once you have one, so it doesn’t get any worse. They are not in the business of building health.

So, maybe the right approach is building health and not eating what has been referred to as S.A.D. – the Standard American Diet.

And if you have a weak immune system, there are remedies and ways to build your immune system (we recommend this one – Immune Defense)You can learn more about what to do for your immune system here

Find out what your body needs to be healthy and make sure that you get all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in the foods that you eat. Or supplement if you can’t get enough. Eat for your health, not for your taste buds. is a nutritional educational site with lots of information about building health. Here is our Site Index


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