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Books and Media

Medical Studies and PapersIn his hundreds of radio and television appearances, including The Dr. Oz Show, The Today Show, Live with Kelly, and Good Morning America, Dr. Fuhrman has educated millions of people on the long-range benefits of healthy eating. His five hugely successful PBS specials, which have raised over $50 million for public television, bring essential nutritional knowledge to homes all across America.

Dr. Fuhrman is the author of seven New York Times bestsellers, including his most recent book, Eat for Life (HarperOne, 2020). His other bestsellers include Eat to Live (Little Brown, 2003); Super Immunity (HarperOne, 2012); The End of Diabetes (HarperOne, 2013); The Eat to Live Cookbook (HarperOne, 2013); The End of Dieting (HarperOne, 2014) and The End of Heart Disease (HarperOne, 2016).

In addition to his New York Times best sellers, Dr. Fuhrman has written several other popular books on nutritional science which include: Fast Food Genocide (HarperOne, 2018); Eat to Live Quick & Easy Cookbook (HarperOne 2017); Dr. Fuhrman’s Transformation 20 Blood Pressure and Cholesterol (Gift of Health Press); Dr. Fuhrman’s Transformation 20 Diabetes (Gift of Health Press); 10 in 20: Dr. Fuhrman’s Lose 10 Pounds in 20 Days Detox Program (Gift of Health Press); Eat for Health (Gift of Health Press), Disease Proof Your Child (St. Martin’s Griffin), Fasting and Eating for Health (St. Martin’s Griffin) and the Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutritarian Handbook and ANDI Food Scoring Guide (Gift of Health Press).

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Other Works

Dr. Fuhrman has collaborated on a number of articles that have appeared in medical journals, including University of Pennsylvania Orthopaedic Journal; American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine; Open Journal of Preventive Medicine; Nutrition Journal; Current Sports Medicine Reports; and Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine.

Scientific Journal Articles
Dr. Fuhrman’s scientific journal publications include:

Bradley MD, Arnold ME, Biskup BG, Campbell TM, Fuhrman J, Guthrie GE, Kelly JH, Lacagnina S, Loomis JF, McMacken MM, Trapp C, Karlsen MC; Medication Deprescribing Among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: A Qualitative Case Series of Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner Protocols. Clinical Diabetes 2022.

Fuhrman JH, Ferreri DM. Nutrient-Dense, Plant-Rich (NDPR) Diet in Cancer Survivors: Case Series. International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention 2021; 3(2).

Fuhrman JH, Ferreri DM. Nuts and Seeds for Heart Disease Prevention. International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention 2020; 2(1),8

Fuhrman JH, Ferreri DM, Singer ML. Long-Term Weight Loss Maintenance on a Nutrient-Dense, Plant-Rich (NDPR) Diet: A Survey Study. International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention 2019; 1:1.

Fuhrman JH, Ferreri DM. Treatment and Remission of Symptoms in Type 1 Diabetes with a Nutrient-Dense, Plant-Rich (NDPR) DietCase Studies. International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention 2019; 1:1.

Maldonado-Puebla M, Price A, Gonzalez A, Fuhrman J, Nichols A. Efficacy of a Plant-Based Anti-Inflammatory Diet as Monotherapy in Psoriasis. International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention 2019, 1:1.

Jay Sutliffe, Julia Scheid, Michelle Gorman, Mary Jo Carnot, Alison Adams, Wendy Wetzel, Tricia Fortin, Chloe Sutliffe, Joel Fuhrman Implementation of a Worksite Based 9-Week Micronutrient Dense Nutrition Intervention on Measures of Well-Being in a Cohort of Employees. J Food Nutr 2018;4:103.

Sutliffe JT, Carnot MJ, Fuhrman J, Sutliffe CA, Scheid JC. A Worksite Nutrition Intervention is Effective at Improving Employee Well-Being: A Pilot Study. Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism 2018

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Fuhrman J. The Hidden Dangers of Fast and Processed Food. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, April 2018, SAGE Publishing. DOI: 10.1177/1559827618766483*

Condensed and adapted from Fast Food Genocide (HarperCollins 2017) for a lecture given at the ACLM annual conference Tuscan, Arizona, October 2017.

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Fuhrman J, Singer M. Improved Cardiovascular Parameter with a Nutrient-Dense, Plant-Rich Diet-Style: A Patient Survey with Illustrative Cases. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. 1559827615611024. October 15, 2015, doi:10.1177/1559827615611024.

Fuhrman J. Dietary Protocols to Maximize Disease Reversal and Long-Term Safety. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. May 4, 2015, doi:10.1177/1559827615580971

Dunaief DM, Fuhrman J, Dunaief JL, Ying G. Glycemic and cardiovascular parameters improved in Type 2 Diabetes with the high nutrient density (HND) diet. Open Journal of Preventive Medicine. 2012 Aug;2(3):364-371

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Fuhrman J, Selzer ME, Kaplan FS. A shoulder-facial synkinesis in normal human subjects. University of Pennsylvania Orthopaedic Journal. 1991;7:43-45

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