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Hair Loss in Males & Females

Treatment of Hair Loss
Updated 4-1-2020

At one time the only hair-loss products were for men - but now I've seen commercials about women and their in-active follicles. 

When someone finds that their hair is thinner due to hair loss, they want something. 

There is hair loss due to aging and hair loss due to other body problems. 

First let's look at a short lecture on the Cause of Hair Loss due to problems with different glands.

The Cause of Hair Loss

What happened right before hair loss? A clue to fixing the problem  

A Video by Dr. Eric Berg This video will educate you about hair loss.

And Hair Loss the Missing Ingredient

An interesting help for hair loss Caffeine - Use Caffeine for Hair Loss

Dr. Berg's Hair Formula

Re-grow Strong and Beautiful Hair!

Improve Your Body Collagen & Have Strong Nails and Youthful Skin!

Feed & Replenish Hair Nutrients!

The Ultimate Hair Formula (Vitamins, Trace Minerals & Herbs)

Dr. Berg's Hair Formula - Get a full head of lustrous hair.

Read More Dr. Berg's Hair Formula 



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